What to Expect from Brow Lift Surgery

It is normal to expect a full rejuvenation when you decide to undergo a brow lift, but it is necessary to understand the process it takes to achieve it. Most patients have an idea of the procedure that they want when they go in for a consultation with the Beverly Hills brow lift surgeon. The doctor is going to provide instructions for the days leading up to surgery so that it is easy to prepare for everything ahead of time.

All patients have to check into the facility the day of surgery and begin anesthesia so that the surgeon is able to perform without causing discomfort. The chosen rejuvenation technique is then performed depending on the decision made during the first meeting to provide the patient with the best results possible. Sometimes the surgery may take less than an hour, but a patient that needs more work might take longer to complete. If you want to understand more about the results to expect, review the eyebrow lift before and after pictures provided by your doctor. After the treatment, anesthesia is ceased in order for the patient to regain their feeling before they are released home under the care of a close friend or relative.

Is Getting Eyelid Surgery Worth the Cost?

Our eyes are often times the first thing that other people tend to notice about us. For somebody who is self-conscious about the appearance of their eyes, they may consider getting eyelid surgery to address the aesthetic issues that are affecting them. Many people are curious, though, and wonder is eyelid surgery worth the cost?

It is important to remember that the cost of eyelid surgery will vary on a case-by-case basis, as everyone is unique and desires a different level of rejuvenation. The cost of the surgery will actually depend on a variety of factors. The first factor to consider is the level of experience of the surgeon who is performing the procedure. The more experience that a surgeon has, the more expensive their fee will be. Geographical location is also an important factor. The double eyelid surgery cost in Los Angeles will probably have a higher cost than a similar surgery would in a rural location. Other items to consider are anesthesia fees, facility costs, and if any tests need to be performed for the procedure. You will also want to check and see if you insurance covers the procedure. For most cosmetic procedures, insurance companies will not cover anything considered cosmetic. Most surgeons do offer financing options through third-party creditors, though.

If you are interested in finding out more about the cost of eyelid surgery, contact our expert in Asian eyelid revision in Los Angeles to set up a consultation.

Outcomes of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery should have the same general outcome for every single patient if everything goes correctly, and that is the rejuvenation in the eyes. A rejuvenation procedure eliminates the embarrassing fat bulges and loose tissue that makes the upper eyelids appear heavy. Skin is also tightened as much as needed so that there is no overlap or deep wrinkles left in the immediate area. Unfortunately, things can always go wrong if the surgery is not performed properly or if the patient has trouble healing.

Poor outcomes might appear as a lack of symmetry in the rejuvenation, worsened sagging, infection at the incision area, or extremely tight skin. Each of these problems can be improved with the help of our Beverly Hills eyelid surgery expert if they are noticeable enough to cause concern. The entire treatment has to be performed all over again with special attention in addressing the complications that resulted from the first surgery. It might be overall more risky for the patient to undergo another treatment, but our Beverly Hills upper eyelid revision surgery expert is very delicate when working in the small area. You should have a full evaluation once six months have passed since the first surgery, because early treatment can lead to worsened complications.

How Much Difference Does Upper Eyelid Lift Make?

The traditional upper eyelid rejuvenation can result in a very noticeable and beneficial difference. Not all patients are going to experience a life-changing improvement, but that is why our expert in upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills prefers to examine every patient prior to making a recommendation. The results are actually more noticeable when older patients undergo the procedure, because they have the most room for improvement. This does not mean that younger adults will not experience some level of rejuvenation from an upper eyelid lift as well, though.

Conditions treated by the lift involve the removal of extra skin and fat, and the rejuvenation of the remaining tissue above the eye. Some patients require correction of serious drooping in one eye that is referred to as ptosis. It can be a very noticeable and embarrassing problem for many, but it is easily corrected with an upper eyelid lift. If there is sagging in the lower lid or as high as the brow, it may be a smarter solution to undergo a different treatment to ensure effectiveness. Speak up about any specific issues that you have at the time that the doctor is performing the initial examination. This is the best way to ensure that you are provided with a treatment that is going to make a difference.

How is Asian Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Double eyelid surgery is performed in one of three different ways, depending on the results of the initial examination. Our expert in Asian eyelid surgery typically finds that patients would prefer to undergo the double suture treatment if possible. This is performed simply under local anesthesia so that the doctor can place a few small sutures without any discomfort. Since this technique is non-invasive, it is fast and easy to complete with very few steps

The Los Angeles Asian eyelid procedure expert also offers the invasive full or partial incision surgeries to those that need rejuvenation. A full incision is basically the removal of a minor piece of skin above the eye so that rejuvenation can be performed as much as needed. Excess tissue and skin are completely removed in order for the area to become more youthful while the incision area creates the desired upper eyelid fold. If partial incisions are used, then it is less traumatic to minimize the extra skin and tissue that is making the eyelid appear loose and bulky. Both of the invasive techniques do require an additional step in the beginning to administer general anesthesia or sedation. Choose a surgery that is going to provide the most benefit rather than try to get by with the simplest option.

Eyelid Surgery and Eyebrow Lift for Improving Facial Appearance

An unfortunate reality about aging is the appearance of wrinkles. One of the first areas that wrinkles tend to show up in is the eye region. There are a variety of cosmetic procedures that are designed to address wrinkles forming in this particular region.

One of the more popular procedures is known as a lateral eyebrow lift. Our outer brow line is one of the first areas around the eyes to start drooping and sagging. For this procedure, our expert in lateral eyebrow lift in Los Angeles places incisions at the hairline and at the temples of the patient. The excess skin at the corners of the forehead is then removed. The middle of the brow is not raised during this procedure, but rather, the removal of crows feet at the corners of the eyebrows is the end result.

Another popular procedure nowadays is a double eyelid surgery. About half of the Asian population suffers from an aesthetic condition in which they have no crease in their eyelids. Double eyelid surgery is the procedure used to correct this cosmetic condition. This procedure can be done either by using a less invasive suture method or by a method utilizing incisions. In the incision method, our expert in double eyelid procedure in Los Angeles either removes the skin, muscle, and fat, or rearranges them to produce the desired fold in the eyelid of the patient.

If you have any questions about eyelid surgery or eyebrow lift, it is best to contact our office to set up a consultation.

Can I Afford Getting a Tummy Tuck?

The unhappy feeling that some overweight people get when looking in the mirror often creates the desire to diet and go to the gym. Unfortunately, there is only so much that working out and eating right can do once excess fat cells have accumulated and caused skin to stretch beyond a normal point. Some people only accumulate stomach fat that does not seem to diminish when losing weight in the rest of the body. The best way to slim and rejuvenate the lower abdomen in this type of situation is to go through the tummy tuck procedure. If you are interested in the treatment, you may have initial questions and concerns with the tummy tuck cost in Beverly Hills.

It is difficult to understand whether a person can afford a tummy tuck without understanding their personal finances. You should evaluate your budget and consider saving up for the investment in your appearance. As long as you are aware of the necessity to make permanent changes to your diet in order to avoid regaining the weight, it is definitely well-worth the price. It is best to work exclusively with our experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to ensure that you get the best results without complications that would require you to undergo an expensive revision.

Can Double Eyelid Surgery Fix My Eyes?

Most people perceive the double eyelid surgery as a treatment that is intended for cosmetic purposes. An Asian individual who has a single lid appearance might have such tight skin that they cannot fully open their eyes, though. It can be difficult to view objects to the side without turning the head, which can be a major problem when driving. Double eyelid surgery eliminates the flat piece of skin by creating a fold, either with sutures or incisions. This crease allows the eyes to fully open and make the range of vision greater than before.

A potential patient may feel that double eyelid surgery will fix problems with the way that their eyes look. The benefits of a successful treatment are easy to understand when viewing double eyelid surgery before and after photographs. Our surgeon offers three options for people that want to eliminate their natural monolid and obtain a distinct crease, ranging from non-invasive to full incisions above each eye. A younger person might not need any rejuvenation and can achieve their desired result with the placement of a few small sutures. Each procedure will be explained fully once the patient has been examined by the surgeon so that they truly understand the benefits of each method.

How Much Does Brow Lift Cost?

An angry or upset expression created by a loss of skin elasticity in the brow area is an embarrassing problem. Rarely does this issue call for a full facelift, though, because there is too much risk of over-correcting youthful areas of the face. A smarter solution is to work conservatively when improving the drooping brow area. Some techniques that our expert in brow lift surgery in Beverly Hills can perform cost less than others, but it is more important to make a decision based on its effectiveness.

Every patient is going to have certain expenses when they undergo an eyebrow lift, such as anesthesia. One way to cut down on the overall cost is to avoid all of the invasive options and look into the chemical brow lift instead. Treatment with the chemical brow lift is not complicated and most of the expenses cover the materials used. This solution is not permanent and has to be repeated every few months, though, which is going to result in additional cost.

Endotine, temporal, or direct lifts are all options that a patient has if their goal is to achieve a permanent rejuvenation. If you feel that the treatment is going to improve the quality of your life, do not let the Beverly Hills brow lift cost influence your decision.

What Happens if Cheek Lift Surgery is Not Successful?

No matter how skilled and technically experienced a doctor may be, there is always a risk of complications in any invasive cheek lift surgery. It is unfortunate when this rejuvenation is not successful, but issues can typically be fixed through a revision. After waiting a few weeks for the initial wounds to heal, a patient should be able to undergo another treatment safely.

Regardless of the reason that a treatment does not turn out as anticipated, our Beverly Hills cheek lift revision surgery expert has a solution. An inexperienced doctor might go overboard with the rejuvenation and cause a severely distorted result. Other individuals might feel that their cheeks are not significantly different compared to the condition before surgery. Each rejuvenation requires opening the original incision to work with the internal features of the cheek. It is possible to relax overly-corrected tissue so that it can rest in a more natural placement. Conservative rejuvenations are simply treated with more consideration for providing effective and noticeable results. If your cheek lift surgery was not as successful as you had originally expected, do not hesitate to get in-touch with our surgeon to receive the advice on the next steps that you should take.