When is Upper Eyelid Revision an Option?

Poor results from an upper eyelid surgery can cause asymmetry, worsened drooping, or the inability to fully close the eyes. Revision is always an option, as long as our Beverly Hills upper eyelid surgery expert can determine that it is safe. If complications occurred due to poor aftercare, it may not be worth it to the surgeon to risk further poor results that can leave the patients with no results. The majority of problems can actually occur from complications that are out of the control of the patient or the original surgeon. Luckily, these individuals should notice great results with a revision.

A complication with asymmetry typically happens if the surgeon failed to match results at the time of treatment. The option to have a single-eye revision is a great way for our Beverly Hills upper eyelid revision surgery expert to fully correct the less rejuvenated eye. Worsened drooping after treatment is a condition referred to as ptosis of the lid, but it can be improved with another surgery after enough time as passed. The only time that a surgeon would consider the option of a revision fairly soon after is if the patient cannot close their eyes. Serious complications can result from this condition and it is important to have it corrected as soon as it is safe.