What to Expect from Brow Lift Surgery

It is normal to expect a full rejuvenation when you decide to undergo a brow lift, but it is necessary to understand the process it takes to achieve it. Most patients have an idea of the procedure that they want when they go in for a consultation with the Beverly Hills brow lift surgeon. The doctor is going to provide instructions for the days leading up to surgery so that it is easy to prepare for everything ahead of time.

All patients have to check into the facility the day of surgery and begin anesthesia so that the surgeon is able to perform without causing discomfort. The chosen rejuvenation technique is then performed depending on the decision made during the first meeting to provide the patient with the best results possible. Sometimes the surgery may take less than an hour, but a patient that needs more work might take longer to complete. If you want to understand more about the results to expect, review the eyebrow lift before and after pictures provided by your doctor. After the treatment, anesthesia is ceased in order for the patient to regain their feeling before they are released home under the care of a close friend or relative.


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