Outcomes of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery should have the same general outcome for every single patient if everything goes correctly, and that is the rejuvenation in the eyes. A rejuvenation procedure eliminates the embarrassing fat bulges and loose tissue that makes the upper eyelids appear heavy. Skin is also tightened as much as needed so that there is no overlap or deep wrinkles left in the immediate area. Unfortunately, things can always go wrong if the surgery is not performed properly or if the patient has trouble healing.

Poor outcomes might appear as a lack of symmetry in the rejuvenation, worsened sagging, infection at the incision area, or extremely tight skin. Each of these problems can be improved with the help of our Beverly Hills eyelid surgery expert if they are noticeable enough to cause concern. The entire treatment has to be performed all over again with special attention in addressing the complications that resulted from the first surgery. It might be overall more risky for the patient to undergo another treatment, but our Beverly Hills upper eyelid revision surgery expert is very delicate when working in the small area. You should have a full evaluation once six months have passed since the first surgery, because early treatment can lead to worsened complications.


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