Success Rate of Breast Reductions

While asking what the success rate of breast reduction is might seem like an easy question, defining whether it is successful can be done in at least three different ways. As a result, the answer is not exactly straight-forward. Here is a look at those different ways to consider the matter.
Satisfaction Rates

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most highly rated cosmetic surgical procedures, as countless surveys have found. With a satisfaction rate nearing 90 percent in some cases, it’s hard to imagine a more consistently positive feeling about a procedure. To get a sense of just how successful the procedure can be, and why so many patients feel so positively about it, look at breast reduction photos and the reasons will often be clear.
Addressing Symptoms

Clinical symptoms are almost immediately and permanently addressed by the removal of the excess weight on the chest in virtually all patients. It is this reason that health insurance companies will almost always pay for all or part of the procedure.
Complication Rates

This is a more difficult metric to measure because there is such a wide variety of factors. For example, a reduction of 300 grams of weight is not truly comparable to a reduction of 1,300 grams. For surgeries of up to 500 grams, the complications rate is typically below 5 percent. However, larger reductions can be as high as 50 percent in certain demographics.

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Description: Success rates of breast reduction is more easily asked than answered because it could refer to satisfaction levels, alleviation of symptoms or complications.