Options for Improving the Face without Surgery

Plenty of patients come into the office of our expert in facelift surgery in Beverly Hills requesting alternative treatments. It is not always necessary for an aging person to go through an invasive lift to experience a worthwhile rejuvenation. One option that is highly recommended is laser facelift treatments that provide gradual and long-term benefits. After a few sessions, the elasticity and smoothness of your face is going to become very noticeable. By actually improving collagen production and helping the skin regenerate, you should considerably fewer wrinkles and tighter skin.

The other popular non surgical facelift treatment involves injections of different safe chemicals. This can include Botox and hyaluronic acid placed into areas of the face that need the most rejuvenation, such as the brows. An unavoidable drawback to receiving this procedure is that it is only going to last for a couple of months, but the improvement will be noticeable immediately. It is very beneficial to someone that does not find downtime suitable with their lifestyle because they can go back to normal activities immediately. If you are serious about pursuing one of the non-surgical techniques that our doctor offers for facial rejuvenation, schedule an examination to determine your best option.

What You Can Achieve through Facelifts

It is obvious that you can tighten skin with a facelift, but there is much more to the actual procedure. A patient that goes through a full rejuvenation will have their brows, eyelids, and cheeks lifted to a more youthful and attractive height. The skin itself might not require much tightening, but our facelift surgeon thoroughly rejuvenates the tissue beneath the surface as well for a totally smooth result. If the treatment is performed adequately by a skilled doctor, it is possible to look many years younger than the day you schedule the first appointment.

You can see evidence of results other patients experienced in their facelift surgery before and after pictures. Although you may not have exactly the same problems, it can provide some clarity regarding the different types of surgeries available. If a full lift is not necessary, you might choose to have an upper facelift to improve your forehead and brows. Other people have a lot of fat and skin near their jaw that will respond best to a cheek lift alone. Base your decision on expert advice provided after you have an examination to avoid over-correction or facial distortion that typically results from choosing the wrong procedure.

Procedures for Lower Facelifts

The two main surgeries that our doctor focuses on when it comes to improving the bottom portion of the face is a neck lift or lower facelift. Problems in this lower cheeks might begin higher due to sagging fat or skin, but this does not mean that the issues do not begin in the immediate area. If fat has accumulated due to weight gain, it can create bulkiness near the jaw and under the chin. A lower facelift surgery has the potential to fix both of these issues in a simple process.

Our facelift surgeon in Beverly Hills can begin a typical treatment with an incision behind the earlobe to access the internal tissue and fat. There is also an option of going in through the mouth to remove a portion of the fat with less risk of visible scarring. The only way to rejuvenate the outer skin is to create an outer incision so the doctor typically performs the entire procedure with only one wound. If there are additional problems resulting in fat beneath the chin, a neck lift might be suggested as an alternative or a combination procedure. Rest assured that there is always a way to achieve the specific type of rejuvenation that you feel is necessary to restore your confidence.

Why Would Facelift Surgery Require Revision?

The reason that most facelift surgery patients end up requiring an additional treatment is to fix over-correction. This is a major problem if the surgeon is inexperienced or too much rejuvenation is provided than what was needed. It is easy to create a distorted appearance if there is not enough care put toward creating a conservative rejuvenation. Other patients that require a revision have lost symmetry due to complications after the procedure. Underlying muscle may be lifted and secured with thin sutures that does not hold long enough for the tissue to fully heal. When this tears away, the result is going to look abnormal. If you have experienced any of these problems, our Beverly Hills facelift revision surgery expert can help with an additional treatment.

A less serious complication from surgery is a lack of noticeable results. There may be loose skin or deep wrinkles remaining in areas that you anticipated a youthful rejuvenation. Rather than feel depressed over the results you missed out on, it is possible to consult with our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert for a revision. Even if you do not have an emergency situation, you deserve priority treatment if you have undergone a rejuvenation that did not accomplish your appearance goals.

Procedures to Improve Lower Face

Sagging or wrinkles in the lower region of the face can actually be improved through many different techniques. A cheek lift is one procedure that is intended to improve the mid-face, but ends up extending its benefits to the lower portion of the face, as well. If there are no issues with other areas of the face, our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert will typically recommend a lower facelift.

A lower facelift surgery targets the drooping skin and bulkiness that is located near the jawline and chin. It also improves the double chin appearance caused by skin that is sinking into the neck area. Surgery will smooth wrinkles and make a patient appear many years younger without the burden of loose skin.

Deep creases on the sides of the nose and mouth are indications that a lower facelift can be a necessary treatment to improve the appearance. The incision for this treatment is created behind the ear and near the temple so that the skin and tissue is pulled at a natural angle. This improves the definition of the jawline and smooths the excess skin that creates a heavy appearance. You can find out more about a lower facelift by meeting with the surgeon to determine if you are the right candidate.

Non-Surgical Options for Facelifts

Using invasive options for a facelift are not always necessary if the patient has a condition treatable through alternative methods. A liquid facelift is a very popular solution that can help people avoid the expense and inconvenience of true surgery. The placement of Botox helps the facial skin lift into a more youthful position without the need of any cutting. Other fillers can be added to smooth wrinkles and provide a mild plumping that is synonymous with youthful individuals.

Laser treatments are another solution provided by our Beverly Hills non-surgical facelift expert. The gentle device stimulates the production of new collagen so that the fullness and elasticity can be restored over time. The results of this technique are typically more long-term than a liquid facelift, but it is more of a gradual change.

Patients appreciate the opportunity to test the results of a facelift without making the financial commitment of invasive surgery. A liquid or chemical facelift is going to require more work every few months as the substances wear away naturally, though. If you are interested in finding out more about either of these solutions or about a traditional facelift, our facelift surgeon in Beverly Hills would be happy to offer a thorough comparison.

Improving Lower Facelift with Surgery

The jaw area of the face takes on the most residual skin and tissue once higher parts of the face begin to lose elasticity. Once this happens, you may lose a bit of fullness in the cheeks that end up resting in the lower region of the face. If you are noticing aging in the jaw, chin, and neck, then a lower facelift surgery might be the best solution for you. Also, for those suffering from having adequate tightness in their forehead, brows, eyes, and cheeks, this procedure is a good treatment.

Our expert in lower facelift surgery in Beverly Hills may recommend this treatment before a neck lift, because the results may tighten the area adequately. It is advised to choose the best option of a targeted facelift, because you want to keep the face looking natural as the final result. Too much tightening in areas that do not need any alternation can result in the patient hating their appearance, as well as, the possibility of needing a skin graft added during a revision surgery. All people age at different rates and the signs show up in a variety of areas. If you are considering rejuvenation, then you need to have a personal examination by our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert.