Juvederm and Its Cost

To combat the advancing signs of age, slight measures are best. The more subtle the treatment is, the more natural the results are. Juvederm is a wonderful new product that plumps hollow skin and flattens wrinkles, using hyaluronic acid in a smooth gel. The product is injected from a syringe straight to the relevant area.

At our San Fernando Valley dermatologist, the cost of Juvederm will depend partially on the number of syringes required. If a patient wants multiple injections, she may qualify for a discount. Otherwise, a standard per-syringe rate will apply, competitive with industry standards.

Keep in mind your Juvederm cost is also partly geographical. Because of our proximity to the beauty capitals of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, your rate will be higher than if you were to get Juvederm in states like Alabama or Michigan.

Juvederm restores lost vitality in a way that is natural and recyclable by the body. After using Juvederm many patients discover a curiosity about other products that tighten the skin and improve appearance. Juvederm is often a first experience with personal enhancement and we want you to be satisfied.

For more about Juvederm cost in San Fernando Valley, contact our office.

How is Skin Cancer Treated?

Skin cancer is exceptionally common and if left untreated can easily become deadly. When a patient presents to our offices with a potential site of cancer, our skin doctors in San Fernando Valley will employ a wide range of potential treatments. The exact treatment can vary on the type of cancer, but here is a look at a couple common treatments.

Pre-Cancerous Actinic Keratosis

Approximately 58 million Americans have these lesions on their skin that, if left untreated, will likely turn into cancer. Treating this can be done with freezing the skin at that location using liquid nitrogen, or can also be treated just with topical medications. Other methods are also available.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

These forms of cancer generally require local anesthesia to treat and generally involve cutting the cancerous lesion out. The most effective treatment for these is Mohs micrographic surgery, eliminating the cancer 98 percent of the time. But there are other methods for cutting the material out using different instruments and sometimes burning the site to kill any missed cells to prevent their replication.


Treating this cancer usually begins with cutting the site out using different methods, including Mohs when combined with a special chemical stains to help illuminate the cancerous cells. If caught early enough, this treatment should be enough to stop the cancer from spreading.

To get the treatment you need, contact our expert in skin cancer treatment in San Fernando Valley for a physical and, if called for, a biopsy.

What Does Dysport Do?

Dysport is an injectable aid against wrinkles. Like Botox, it began as a neuromuscular treatment before being expanded as a cosmetic. Dysport is thought to last longer than Botox, and is also more diffuse, meaning it can spread to a wider area and thus require fewer injections.

Lines in skin begin in a temporary, or dynamic, state. As you age, the lines become more permanent or static. Lining is caused by muscles contracting over the years. For instance, forehead lines are caused by the glabellar muscles, which form creases when you frown. Dysport is injected directly into the forehead by our dermatologist in San Fernando Valley, and the glabellar muscles relax over the next few days.

Typically your Dysport treatment will take no longer than fifteen minutes. Results vary, but in some cases the effects last for over a year. There should be no worry about immunity or diminished effectiveness , as most patients report comparable results from treatment to treatment.

There are minimal side effects, such as headache or eye-drooping. Additionally, the broader influence of Dysport may affect other muscles besides those targeted. Our expert in Dysport in San Fernando Valley will help you make an informed decision about Dysport, and what it can do for you.