Cheek Lift Vs Cheek Augmentation

Patients that get confused between what a cheek augmentation is and what a cheek lift is must understand that there is a difference. A simple explanation is that the lift is a rejuvenation procedure offered by our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon. An augmentation involves the use of a soft implant, fat transfer, or filler injections to plump up the cheek contour. Whenever a cheek lift is performed, it is required to have incisions created to lift and secure the underlying tissue. Although the area will appear fuller immediately after treatment when there is swelling caused by the surgery, it is not expected to provide any additional size in the final results.

A cheek augmentation actually has a non-invasive option, known as a filler enhancement, which avoids incisions and scarring. Patients that are interested in a more permanent enhancement can choose to have an implant inserted into the skin with incisions created inside the mouth. This will provide a very noticeable fullness to the cheekbones without causing noticeable scars anywhere on the face. Our expert in cheek augmentation in Beverly Hills also offers fat transfers that require a procedure similar to filler injections. Yet, the results can last longer than the material that gradually wears off after a few months.

Purpose of Double Eyelid Surgery

The reason for Asian patients to seek a double eyelid surgery is to simply alter a single lid appearance. A monolid is fairly common in the Asian ethnicity and many people desire to have more definition in their eye area. It can be difficult to apply cosmetics without a crease as a guideline, and these same patients often feel insecure about having narrow eyes. Although double eyelid surgery has been faced with harsh criticism, our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon operates with the goal of providing the best results without erasing ethnic uniqueness.

People that undergo a double eyelid surgery end up with many advantages in areas that they once had difficulty. Anyone with a natural monolid might have a certain degree of limitation in their field of vision. Tight eyelid skin without a crease does not have much elasticity to widen the opening when needed. As someone with a monolid ages and experiences sagging skin, the lids can become heavy and cover more of the eye than before. If you are interested in finding out if the treatment is a good solution for your monolid concerns, our expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is happy to schedule a consultation visit to determine if you are a good candidate.

Aftercare for Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Every surgical procedure offered by our Los Angeles brow lift surgery expert has a specific set of aftercare instructions. The most important piece of advice is to refrain from physical activities and rest as often as possible. When tissue and skin is in the healing phase, sleep provides a chance for the body to regenerate itself naturally. Incisions need to remain clean and dry to avoid the risk of developing an infection. Antibiotics should be taken for the entire duration of the prescription as recommended by your surgeon to also help fight off infections.

Sleep and rest with the head elevated, and do not rush to get back to normal activities too soon. An appointment will be scheduled approximately one week after the day of surgery so that our expert in eyebrow lift in Los Angeles can evaluate the results and remove sutures, if in place. Unless there are concerning side effects, you can wait to ask questions for the visit so that you understand the expectations for the rest of the aftercare. It is usually safe to return to work after a couple of weeks, as the majority of swelling and discoloration should be less noticeable.

Typical Prices for Eyelid Surgery

Any potential plastic surgery patient should first be aware of the price of their procedure to decide if it is the right idea to move forward. Each treatment relating to the upper eyelids has a different fee, depending on the complexity of the surgery. If a patient wants to improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin through laser plastic surgery, this will be considerably less expensive than a traditional invasive lift. Keep in mind that the results of this type of treatment are not as beneficial or dramatic, so it is not always the best option for every patient.

Asian patients that choose to have surgery to create a double eyelid have the option of a double suture technique that is non-invasive. This treatment has a lower fee than if the surgeon has to make incisions to rejuvenate the area during the same treatment. If rejuvenation is the only desired augmentation, then the price will include the fees of the doctor, the use of a medical facility, anesthesia, medications, and appointments as needed. The only way to get an accurate estimate of the eyelid surgery prices in Los Angeles is to schedule a personal evaluation and have the doctor break down the charges for you.

Improving Lower Facelift with Surgery

The jaw area of the face takes on the most residual skin and tissue once higher parts of the face begin to lose elasticity. Once this happens, you may lose a bit of fullness in the cheeks that end up resting in the lower region of the face. If you are noticing aging in the jaw, chin, and neck, then a lower facelift surgery might be the best solution for you. Also, for those suffering from having adequate tightness in their forehead, brows, eyes, and cheeks, this procedure is a good treatment.

Our expert in lower facelift surgery in Beverly Hills may recommend this treatment before a neck lift, because the results may tighten the area adequately. It is advised to choose the best option of a targeted facelift, because you want to keep the face looking natural as the final result. Too much tightening in areas that do not need any alternation can result in the patient hating their appearance, as well as, the possibility of needing a skin graft added during a revision surgery. All people age at different rates and the signs show up in a variety of areas. If you are considering rejuvenation, then you need to have a personal examination by our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert.

Before and After Pictures for Breast Augmentation

Unless you have a personal friend that you can reference, pictures of breast augmentation patients are going to be a very valuable comparison when deciding on surgery. Most patients start out with a smaller cup size, but others have lost volume or shape through life events. If you find patients that are similar to yourself in terms of breast size and body type, you are able to get a pretty good idea of your end result. Ask the expert in non surgical plastic surgery in Beverly Hills to view patients that they have worked with personally.

Most women enter their initial consultation with a general idea of what they want before considering the details of an augmentation. There are so many different treatment options to increase breast size, including the techniques and materials used. Although the doctor can provide a detailed explanation of your options, breast augmentation pictures make it easier to truly understand. Saline is safer for the body if the implant ruptures, but some women simply prefer to way that patients look with the silicone option. Before and after images depict the changes you may experience in shape and texture, which will help you to figure out the option that you should choose.

Recovery after Cheek Lift Surgery

The healing process and time after you have had your cheeks enhanced is going to vary depending on the technique used by our Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon. If there is adequate tissue that has started to sag, the surgery can be as simple as accessing the malar fat pad, a fat pad in the cheek, and adjusting it into the original position. It takes a few weeks for the cheeks to adjust after this surgery, but side effects are fairly minor. For a patient that wants to enhance their cheek contours greater than before, there are additional options provided by our expert in cheek lift surgery in Los Angeles.

When a liquid filler is used to inflate the contours, the recovery is a very quick and an easy adjustment. The thin needle used in the procedure may cause minor irritation in the spots penetrated, but the sore feeling and redness subsides within a few days. Our other option is the placement of a soft implant in each cheek, which does have a considerably longer recovery period. The insertion of implants is performed through the inside of the mouth so that there are no scars on the face. It can be more difficult to heal wounds inside the mouth safely because there is a considerable level of bacteria in the area. As long as the patient practices good hygiene and cleanliness, there is no reason that recovery should include a point of infection or other complications.