Cheek Lift Vs Cheek Augmentation

Patients that get confused between what a cheek augmentation is and what a cheek lift is must understand that there is a difference. A simple explanation is that the lift is a rejuvenation procedure offered by our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon. An augmentation involves the use of a soft implant, fat transfer, or filler injections to plump up the cheek contour. Whenever a cheek lift is performed, it is required to have incisions created to lift and secure the underlying tissue. Although the area will appear fuller immediately after treatment when there is swelling caused by the surgery, it is not expected to provide any additional size in the final results.

A cheek augmentation actually has a non-invasive option, known as a filler enhancement, which avoids incisions and scarring. Patients that are interested in a more permanent enhancement can choose to have an implant inserted into the skin with incisions created inside the mouth. This will provide a very noticeable fullness to the cheekbones without causing noticeable scars anywhere on the face. Our expert in cheek augmentation in Beverly Hills also offers fat transfers that require a procedure similar to filler injections. Yet, the results can last longer than the material that gradually wears off after a few months.


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