Aftercare for Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Every surgical procedure offered by our Los Angeles brow lift surgery expert has a specific set of aftercare instructions. The most important piece of advice is to refrain from physical activities and rest as often as possible. When tissue and skin is in the healing phase, sleep provides a chance for the body to regenerate itself naturally. Incisions need to remain clean and dry to avoid the risk of developing an infection. Antibiotics should be taken for the entire duration of the prescription as recommended by your surgeon to also help fight off infections.

Sleep and rest with the head elevated, and do not rush to get back to normal activities too soon. An appointment will be scheduled approximately one week after the day of surgery so that our expert in eyebrow lift in Los Angeles can evaluate the results and remove sutures, if in place. Unless there are concerning side effects, you can wait to ask questions for the visit so that you understand the expectations for the rest of the aftercare. It is usually safe to return to work after a couple of weeks, as the majority of swelling and discoloration should be less noticeable.


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