Purpose of Double Eyelid Surgery

The reason for Asian patients to seek a double eyelid surgery is to simply alter a single lid appearance. A monolid is fairly common in the Asian ethnicity and many people desire to have more definition in their eye area. It can be difficult to apply cosmetics without a crease as a guideline, and these same patients often feel insecure about having narrow eyes. Although double eyelid surgery has been faced with harsh criticism, our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon operates with the goal of providing the best results without erasing ethnic uniqueness.

People that undergo a double eyelid surgery end up with many advantages in areas that they once had difficulty. Anyone with a natural monolid might have a certain degree of limitation in their field of vision. Tight eyelid skin without a crease does not have much elasticity to widen the opening when needed. As someone with a monolid ages and experiences sagging skin, the lids can become heavy and cover more of the eye than before. If you are interested in finding out if the treatment is a good solution for your monolid concerns, our expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is happy to schedule a consultation visit to determine if you are a good candidate.


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