Candidates for Liquid Facelifts

There are new techniques available that can give you a look that is similar to what you can expect to achieve from a surgical facelift without having to go through the trouble and expense of surgery. One non-surgical technique is commonly referred to as a liquid facelift. While not truly a facelift, this procedure can give you a more youthful appearance without surgery.

The surgeon will inject special dermal fillers into your skin. This will add a bit of volume and lift to help to smooth out lines or increase fullness in some areas of your face. The lift provided by these fillers can create the illusion of younger skin that will last for a year or more. After that time, the procedure will need repeated. Some fillers last longer than others, so talk with your surgeon.

An expert in facelift in Beverly Hills can help you to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you want to look younger, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and create a little lift in certain areas of your face for more fullness and volume, you might be a good candidate for a non-surgical facelift.

How Much Do Eyelid Surgeries Cost?

Finding out the eyelid surgery cost in Beverly Hills begins with the initial meeting at the office of your plastic surgeon. The specialist is going to look at the condition of your eyelids to determine the best treatment according to the improvements that you desire. There is only one non-surgical solution that is offered by the expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills, and it is exclusive to Asian patients. If the individual desires double eyelids, they could achieve this look with the most modest price if their condition permits the placement of sutures.

It is considerably more expensive for a patient to undergo an invasive eyelid rejuvenation or Asian eyelid surgery because it is more complicated. When the doctor needs to make incisions, they are going to require general anesthesia to ensure the safety and comfort of their eyelid surgery patient. There will be more expenses added to the surgery cost, but it is worth the opportunity to get a long-term rejuvenation the eyelids. Each treatment is going to have a different cost based on the amount of work that needs to be completed, but you should base any treatment decisions on the actual benefits instead of the amount of your investment.

Squamous Skin Cancer and What You Should Know about It

Squamous skin cancer is a cancer that occurs in the top level of skin. It is brought on typically by years of sun exposure. Farmers and athletes would be high-risk groups. Obviously, areas of the skin most exposed to the sun are the danger zones, such as the face, neck, extremities, and tips of ears. Squamous skin cancer may start with something as simple as viral warts, which arise from human papillomavirus, or actinic cheilitis, also known as farmer’s lip.

Per the American Cancer Society, here are some signs to watch out for:

• Rough or scaly red patches that may or may not itch
• Pale or yellow areas that resemble scars
• Pink or red bumps that may include blue or black areas
• Persistent, non-healing sores
• Wart-like growths

Our squamous cell skin cancer doctor in Encino may want to take a biopsy if you come in with any of these symptoms. A biopsy is just a skin sample taken for further study. If there are cancer cells in the sample, the doctor will grade them in terms of likelihood of metastasis, or spreading, and their rate of difference when compared to healthy cells. Our dermatologists in Encino would then devise a treatment plan.

What You Should Know about Plastic Surgeries

There is a lot of information that a patient is recommended to learn about their desired treatment before they go through a plastic surgery. Our specialist is very careful to provide their own recommendation to any patient that they examine to offer a professional opinion. However, you should know that the final decision is always going to depend on the circumstances that make you feel the most comfortable. One consideration that patients need to make is the expense that is required to go through the treatment that they desire. Most of the trending procedures include less expensive alternatives to invasive surgeries, but they are only temporary.

The double eyelid surgery cost in Beverly Hills is one of the few exceptions of getting permanent results with a less expensive treatment. Under the right conditions, a double suture technique can provide the same visible eyelid crease as an invasive surgery. Our expert in eyebrow lift in Beverly Hills can achieve a very similar result to real surgery with lasers or Botox, but these benefits will slowly diminish. If your goal for the plastic surgery treatment is to eliminate a specific issue, you may actually feel more confident with a permanent surgery than a discrete alternative.

What Does Double Eyelid Surgery Do?

It is obvious that the primary goal of every double eyelid surgery is to eliminate the natural appearance of a flat lid. The crease is often seen as a more attractive feature because it makes the entire eye area more defined. Single lids typically appear very small or narrow if the skin is so thick that is prevents the eyes from opening fully. It causes issues with peripheral vision, as well as normal vision in some of the more extreme cases. A double eyelid surgery patient may have goals to improve vision and enhance their physical appeal in one single treatment.

An additional benefit of double eyelid surgery is that there are a couple of techniques that allow for a noticeable rejuvenation of the area. If the specialist decides that it is best to perform the treatment with partial or full incisions, the potential changes are going to be much greater than just the double eyelid. Although the double eyelid surgery cost is going to be higher, the doctor is able to remove major wrinkles and loose skin by providing the patient with an invasive technique. A consultation is going to reveal your true potential to experience the long-term benefits of a double eyelid surgery.

Types of Non Surgical Nose Jobs

If you are looking for a quick way to correct slight imperfections in your nose, you might want to talk to a Beverly Hills non surgical nose job expert about your options. Rather than the traditional surgical rhinoplasty, non surgical choices allow for immediate results with little to no downtime required for healing.

That is because the surgeon can place injections in strategic locations on and around your nose area to add fullness, volume, and lift to specific portions of your nose to create the look that you want. A slight hump can be reduced with injected fillers placed in areas around the bump for a smoother, more even profile. A hooked tip can be slightly lifted for a more natural appearance through proper placement of injected fillers.

There are different types of fillers that can be used, depending on the look that you wish to achieve and how long you expect the results to last. A skilled Beverly Hills non surgical rhinoplasty expert can give you a better idea on what to expect in your individual circumstances. To maintain results, injections may need to be repeated over time, depending on your chosen filler.

How Successful are Brow Lifts?

Cosmetic surgery to the brow area is widely successful for most individuals. Due to the high rate of satisfaction, thousands of these surgeries are completed every year. No matter which procedure your surgeon uses, complications are extremely rare, with less than 1% rate for those who receive an endoscopic brow lift procedure.

You will want to discuss your individual case with your selected brow lift surgeon in Los Angeles to determine which specific procedure will be right to help you to achieve your desired goals. However, as with any type of surgery, there are potential risks. Bleeding, infection, and excessive scarring may occur due to surgery.

Complications specifically associated with a brow lift surgery may include damage to the nerves in the area. This could lead to numbness, tingling, or even pain that persists well after the procedure. Very rarely, an individual may experience the inability to move muscles in the forehead or eyebrows, but this can typically be corrected with additional surgery.

There is a risk of hair loss at the incision site. Additionally, the surgeon may overcompensate when lifting the brows. This could leave you with a permanent look of being overly surprised.