How Successful are Brow Lifts?

Cosmetic surgery to the brow area is widely successful for most individuals. Due to the high rate of satisfaction, thousands of these surgeries are completed every year. No matter which procedure your surgeon uses, complications are extremely rare, with less than 1% rate for those who receive an endoscopic brow lift procedure.

You will want to discuss your individual case with your selected brow lift surgeon in Los Angeles to determine which specific procedure will be right to help you to achieve your desired goals. However, as with any type of surgery, there are potential risks. Bleeding, infection, and excessive scarring may occur due to surgery.

Complications specifically associated with a brow lift surgery may include damage to the nerves in the area. This could lead to numbness, tingling, or even pain that persists well after the procedure. Very rarely, an individual may experience the inability to move muscles in the forehead or eyebrows, but this can typically be corrected with additional surgery.

There is a risk of hair loss at the incision site. Additionally, the surgeon may overcompensate when lifting the brows. This could leave you with a permanent look of being overly surprised.

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