Breast Augmentation Pros and Cons

Every good surgeon is going to recommend that a potential patient weigh the positive and negative points of receiving a breast augmentation. The obvious pros include an enhanced appearance and the potential to improve any noticeable asymmetry between the breasts. Most patients that desire the treatment have been unhappy with the size of their breasts since their teenage years, and finally have a way to achieve the look they have always wanted. It usually results in a major self-esteem boost for the patient as they feel more confident in their feminine features.

One disadvantage to a breast augmentation surgery is that there are no non-invasive alternatives that prove as satisfying. The expert in non surgical plastic surgery in Los Angeles can perform a fat transfer, but the size increase will not be as noticeable as actual implants. Another con that needs to be considered is that an augmentation is not a substitute for a lift if one is needed. The implants are going to actually worsen the issue of sagging skin due to the extra weight. If you do need a combination of procedures to beautify the area, our expert in breast augmentation in Los Angeles can provide the solution that suits your goals.

How Much Does Getting Breast Augmentation Cost?

The expenses associated with getting breast implants will depend on the type of filler, implant size, and any additional surgeries added to the augmentation process. It is more complicated to add implants, as well as achieve a lift. Thus, if you are looking for both, then you can expect the cost to increase. Another factor is the size, as unusually large implants are going to cost more than a smaller size. Do not sacrifice your chance of getting exactly what you want by simply trying to save on the price.

Visit the expert in laser plastic surgery in Beverly Hills to find out the options that you have for improving the appearance of your breasts. Most patients who are interested in this procedure have been feeling insecure about their lack of size for many years and wish to go up at least a cup in order to appear fuller. Our doctor is going to recommend sticking with a size that is proportionate to the body type of the patient in most cases. Discuss any goals that you have during the consultation with the expert, and then they can provide you with the cost of breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. It is a worthwhile investment if you truly believe that enhancing your breast size is going to make you feel more confident in the way that you look.

Before and After Pictures for Breast Augmentation

Unless you have a personal friend that you can reference, pictures of breast augmentation patients are going to be a very valuable comparison when deciding on surgery. Most patients start out with a smaller cup size, but others have lost volume or shape through life events. If you find patients that are similar to yourself in terms of breast size and body type, you are able to get a pretty good idea of your end result. Ask the expert in non surgical plastic surgery in Beverly Hills to view patients that they have worked with personally.

Most women enter their initial consultation with a general idea of what they want before considering the details of an augmentation. There are so many different treatment options to increase breast size, including the techniques and materials used. Although the doctor can provide a detailed explanation of your options, breast augmentation pictures make it easier to truly understand. Saline is safer for the body if the implant ruptures, but some women simply prefer to way that patients look with the silicone option. Before and after images depict the changes you may experience in shape and texture, which will help you to figure out the option that you should choose.