What Does Dysport Do?

Dysport is an injectable aid against wrinkles. Like Botox, it began as a neuromuscular treatment before being expanded as a cosmetic. Dysport is thought to last longer than Botox, and is also more diffuse, meaning it can spread to a wider area and thus require fewer injections.

Lines in skin begin in a temporary, or dynamic, state. As you age, the lines become more permanent or static. Lining is caused by muscles contracting over the years. For instance, forehead lines are caused by the glabellar muscles, which form creases when you frown. Dysport is injected directly into the forehead by our dermatologist in San Fernando Valley, and the glabellar muscles relax over the next few days.

Typically your Dysport treatment will take no longer than fifteen minutes. Results vary, but in some cases the effects last for over a year. There should be no worry about immunity or diminished effectiveness , as most patients report comparable results from treatment to treatment.

There are minimal side effects, such as headache or eye-drooping. Additionally, the broader influence of Dysport may affect other muscles besides those targeted. Our expert in Dysport in San Fernando Valley will help you make an informed decision about Dysport, and what it can do for you.