Liposuction Scars

A concern that inevitably crosses the mind of every cosmetic surgery patient is the chance of lasting scars. Liposuction is no different for this concern, as it involves the creation of incisions in the skin. Our expert in non surgical plastic surgery in Los Angeles uses a relatively thin tube to perform the fat removal treatment. If you have looked at any of our liposuction photos, you should feel confident that the entry wounds are very minor.

There are a lot of potential treatment areas that our doctor offers to slim with the help of liposuction. One incision is made large enough to insert the special instrument into the area being treated. Fat cells are broken apart using motion so that they can be gently sucked out during the next step. No other incisions are needed for this procedure, so you should not have more than a single scar for each area.

Compression dressing is required in the recovery of every liposuction procedure so that the recovery is fast and sufficient. The wounds are protected, and they should heal without any complications that could increase the visibility of scarring. Any redness is going to fade after a few weeks, and the entire scar should diminish almost entirely within the first year.