How to Improve the Appearance of Breasts

There are a few different options that a woman can choose from to improve the appearance of her breasts. One of the most popular treatments involves adding implants to increase the size and improve the shape of the breast tissue. Women that have the opposite problem actually have an excess amount of tissue and weight pulling down the skin. Premature sagging is a common concern for patients with breasts that are too large to fit their overall body size. Non surgical plastic surgery solutions are very limited and often provide inadequate results, aside from minor skin tightening when treated with lasers.

A breast lift helps to rejuvenate the perkiness of the tissue by removing the loose skin. Whenever this treatment is performed, it is common that the doctor will also reduce the size of the areolas and raise the nipples. The surgeon is able to make the breasts more symmetrical in size, and the placement of the nipples should be at the same level on both sides. A dramatic difference is noticeable in most breast lift before and after pictures, because the treatment is very effective. If you desire the benefits of any procedure intended to improve the appearance and quality of your breasts, discuss the options with our surgeon.

Can You Get Breast Lift without Implants?

Women of all sizes deal with sagging skin that they may want to lift and reshape at some point in their life. Implants are never a requirement during a breast rejuvenation because the cup size is always up to the preference of the patient. Someone with large breasts might benefit more from reshaping the remaining tissue than adding the weight of an implant. However, the expert in surgical plastic surgery in Los Angeles might suggest them if there is noticeable asymmetry in the size.

Deflated breast tissue in some women does not always cause the skin to sag dramatically, and it would create less scarring to fill it out by adding an implant. Unfortunately, this added weight will pull down the skin and could require an actual lift to correct the appearance as more time goes by. If you are happy with the size of your breasts then there is no reason to add an implant because once the tissue is reshaped, it will enhance the attractiveness of the contours. Always be open with your goals when you speak with the expert in breast lift without implants in Los Angeles to find out which options are going to give you the best result.