Purpose of Upper Eyelid Lift

Individuals that choose to have surgery to improve the appearance of their upper eyelids may have different goals in treatment. The purpose of this particular surgery is almost always aesthetic, but it also helps get rid of excess skin that hangs in the way of vision. Some patients may have multiple goals, such as getting rid of bulky tissue while also correcting a problem with asymmetry. Asian people that have a single eyelid find that an eyelid lift along with the creation of a crease is the only way to make a permanent double eyelid. No matter why you are considering surgery, our expert in upper eyelid lift in Beverly Hills can give great results through treatment.

An upper lid lift is perfect for anyone that has a constantly tired or angry look due to the loose skin. When the expert in eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills creates the incision, it is possible to have the area thinned through removal of unnecessary bulky tissues and fat. It is completely safe to remove along with trimming away skin to pull the eyelid and surrounding wrinkles tighter. In cases of asymmetry alone, the surgeon may only operate on one eyelid to achieve a more even look.

How are Cheeks Lifted?

A flattened appearance in the cheek area is one of the earliest and most embarrassing signs of premature aging. The only solution is for our facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to raise the malar fat pad to the higher position it was in to begin with. A cheek lift is performed with the creation of minor incisions often hidden in the hairline or ear area to access the fat pad. It is gently adjusted closer to the lower eyelid on each side and then held in place by sutures. Another technique involves placing a tiny suspension system beneath the skin so that the malar pad can be gradually lifted until it is sitting in the desired position.

Filler injections are often a part of the treatment plan for cheek rejuvenation to emphasize the attractive contours. Once the fat pads are in their new placement, the additional material is able to take care of any hollowness or deep wrinkles that are not corrected in the original procedure. If there is excess sagging in the jowl area or under the chin, our surgeon can eliminate skin as needed. Different options offered by our expert in cheek lift surgery in Beverly Hills are provided based on the needs and desires of a patient.

Procedures for Improving Eyelids

No amount of caked-on makeup is sufficient enough to hide the evidence of drooping eyelids. The main procedure our Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon uses to improve eyelids is a lifting technique. It is often the best choice if there is major loose skin and bulky underlying tissue adding to the weight. Another lifting option if there is minor sagging that begins as high as the brow bone requires incisions in the hairline. Figuring out which type of procedure is best will be determined during the initial consultation with our expert in upper eyelid procedure in Los Angeles.

Every patient ages in a different way and at a variable rate, so the best way to find out all of your options is to have a full examination of the eyelid area. If a patient has major forehead wrinkles and signs of sagging that rest in the eyelid area, it is usually best to begin the rejuvenation in the hairline. As the forehead and brow are lifted and tightened, the upper eyelid area will benefit as well. An upper eyelid lift is a better option if the forehead and eyebrow area do not show major signs of aging. Incisions are created in the crease of the top lid so that the surgeon can eliminate fat and extra skin causing the diminished appearance.

Is Hair Transplant Worth the Cost?

Many people suffer from balding and a lack of hair. Sufferers of hair loss actively seek out a solution and come across hair transplant procedures. It almost sounds too good to be true, so many patients are skeptical about the results that can truly be achieved. But if you are looking for a solution to all your hair problems, you might be able to convince yourself by taking a look at hair transplant before and after photos.

By looking at the results others have achieved, you can get a glimpse of what your hair will look like after the procedure. This will help you decide if it is worth the time and cost. The final price will vary from patient to patient since numerous factors go into the treatment like the specific technique being used and the size and shape of the grafts. Our expert in laser plastic surgery in Los Angeles can give you an estimate prior to beginning the procedure.

It is often best to view a hair transplant as an investment in yourself. Being self-conscious about your appearance can make you more hesitant to be yourself around others. A new head of hair can give you a new outlook on life, and only you can put a price on that.

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

The treatment provided to a patient to create a defined eyelid crease is referred to as a double eyelid surgery. It involves Asian patients that are born with a single eyelid that may be severely obstructing vision or creating an aesthetic insecurity. The process is not intended to completely change the unique shape of the eye. Instead, it provides greater functionality as the end result. An examination provided by the expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is necessary to figure out which techniques are available to a patient.

A double suture technique is the least invasive option, with the most advantages for the patient. Side effects are minimal and healing time is much faster than the other techniques. If sutures are not adequate, a partial or full incision is required to create the defined double eyelid crease. When cutting is necessary, the healing time is increased along with the risk of infection if not cared for properly. The creation of a double eyelid does not leave obvious scarring, no matter which technique is used by the Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon because the cutting or sutures are placed in a way that the new crease naturally masks the appearance.