How Expensive is Double Eyelid Surgery?

The price of a double eyelid surgery cannot be determined without a personal evaluation of your current appearance. Someone with severely sagging skin or a complex issue with asymmetry is going to require more drastic steps than a more youthful individual. A patient that is eligible to receive the double suture and twisting method can avoid general anesthesia and cut down on their overall surgical cost. If it is not the right solution, though, do not make your decision based on the financial aspect and end up risking the quality of your results.

Individuals that are curious about the double eyelid surgery cost in Los Angeles should understand that the price is not negotiable. Expenses that contribute to the total cost include the prescription medications, professional appointments, anesthesia used during surgery, the fee of the doctor, and any tools used during the treatment. Some less experienced surgeons may try to lure new patients in by advertising a lower price, but it is never worth the difference. Your best solution is to work exclusively with our expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles so that you know you will be treated exceptionally. Accepting mediocre treatment provided by an inexperienced doctor is going to leave you with regrets about trying to save money.

What You Need to Know about Asian Eyelid Surgery

The details of double eyelid surgery are typically discussed during the initial consultation, but there are a few things that every patient needs to know ahead of time if possible. One important thing that must be considered is the treatment options and advantages of each technique. Although the main goal is to achieve a noticeable fold in the single eyelid appearance, rejuvenation is often needed in older adults that have sagging skin, also. Not all solutions provide this benefit, so it must be a part of the final decision when choosing the most suitable option.

Your first instinct can be to focus on the Asian eyelid surgery cost in Beverly Hills, but it should not be the reason you choose one doctor over another. Someone that does not have the qualifications of an experienced surgeon may charge a much lower fee, but this translates as a significant risk to your results. Saving a little money on the initial investment is not worth the trouble if you end up requiring a complicated Asian eyelid revision surgery a few months later. Trust your instincts when it comes to picking the right treatment and the most experienced doctor if you want to feel confident in the potential results.

What Does Asian Eyelid Procedure Do?

All patients that decide to turn to our Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery expert for help have certain goals for their treatment. Not only does it widen the eye without changing the unique characteristics, but it can also fix issues with vision. A significantly narrow eyelid can make it difficult to view objects to the sides, especially when trying to operate a vehicle.

The basic purpose of the Asian eyelid surgery is to make a noticeable double eyelid fold for a patient that is born with a flat lid. A double eyelid crease is common with most other ethnicities, and only part of the Asian population does not have the natural fold. Sutures, partial incisions, or a full incision along the line where this crease would naturally appear leaves the desired indentation once healed.

Surgery performed by our expert in Asian eyelid procedure in Beverly Hills can range from non-invasive to invasive, depending on the condition of the area. Someone that has noticeably loose skin and extra bulkiness will need to have these problems addressed to create the most attractive results. In these aged patients, Asian eyelid surgery does more than just establish the separation provided by the crease. The best way to learn about the details of double eyelid surgery is by asking the surgeon questions at the consultation.

Can Eyelid Surgeries be Revised?

It is entirely possible to revise the original eyelid surgery that a patient has received, as long as their condition can be improved. All double eyelid surgeries can be revised if the fold did not heal as desired, but there is no way to go back to the smoothness of a single eyelid. The majority of patients find that their eyes did not heal symmetrically, leaving one less rejuvenated. Our expert in Asian eyelid revision surgery in Los Angeles may recommend undergoing an identical procedure for the one eye to provide a more attractive result.

Any individual that did not end up with the intended natural-looking crease that is used to create a divide in the upper eyelid is entitled to pursue further treatment. This typically happens if sutures were simply placed to define the line and they failed to hold it as the skin healed. Whether this happened in one or both eyes, the expert in double eyelid revision surgery in Los Angeles may suggest a more invasive solution. Creating actual scars through an incision or a series of small incisions is a result that is sure to provide the fold without any issues. The first priority is to have an examination, where we can reveal your issue and decide which treatment is best for your revision.

Success Factors for Double Eyelid Surgery

The most important factor for a successful Asian eyelid surgery, or any other treatment, rests on the talent of the doctor. Someone that is fresh out of school and does not have adequate experience performing the procedure will not have the same skill set as our expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles. Technique takes time to develop, especially as new methods of double eyelid surgery are introduced to the industry.

One of the most common mistakes that can happen with a double eyelid surgery is choosing a method that does not suit the actual need of the patient. A doctor may suggest the double suture and twisting technique only because it is the least complex to perform. If the patient truly requires significant rejuvenation though, then this technique is not going to provide the best looking results. Another success factor relies on the patient and their ability to follow directions as they recover. There is no reason to neglect cleanliness or any other instructions provided by the surgeon when it comes to chancing ruining a successful treatment. In the event that something does go wrong, rely on our Los Angeles double eyelid revision surgery expert to provide the right improvement solution.

Procedures to Improve Lower Face

Sagging or wrinkles in the lower region of the face can actually be improved through many different techniques. A cheek lift is one procedure that is intended to improve the mid-face, but ends up extending its benefits to the lower portion of the face, as well. If there are no issues with other areas of the face, our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert will typically recommend a lower facelift.

A lower facelift surgery targets the drooping skin and bulkiness that is located near the jawline and chin. It also improves the double chin appearance caused by skin that is sinking into the neck area. Surgery will smooth wrinkles and make a patient appear many years younger without the burden of loose skin.

Deep creases on the sides of the nose and mouth are indications that a lower facelift can be a necessary treatment to improve the appearance. The incision for this treatment is created behind the ear and near the temple so that the skin and tissue is pulled at a natural angle. This improves the definition of the jawline and smooths the excess skin that creates a heavy appearance. You can find out more about a lower facelift by meeting with the surgeon to determine if you are the right candidate.

Side Effects of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery is a remarkably straight-forward procedure with few deviations from one case to the next. This type of rejuvenation involves entering the upper eyelid through a small incision in the natural crease. Our surgeon follows with the steps necessary to provide a noticeable rejuvenation for effective wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and contour improvement.

While the side effects of upper eyelid surgery are typically mild, some patients do find that their bruising is more severe than other patients depicted in upper eyelid surgery before and after pictures. The amount of bruising and swelling will depend on how much bleeding occurs during the procedure and the aftercare practices of the patient. Our expert in upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills recommends keeping the head elevated for the first few days in order to simply avoid increasing the pressure that can cause worsened side effects.

Pain medication and ice packs are the at-home recommended solutions when you need to alleviate the side effects of discomfort. There should be no severe or sharp pain, though. Any form of serious pain is unusual unless there is an infection developing that would require attention from a medical professional. As long as you understand the common side effects of an upper eyelid surgery, then you will be able to notice any complications that could occur during the recovery phase of treatment.

How is Cheek Lift Done?

The cheek lift procedure is an invasive technique that should always start with local or general anesthesia. Our facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles wants to ensure that all of our patients are completely comfortable throughout their treatment, especially when it involves working with tissue on their face. A single incision inside the mouth is created as the main access point for the lifting tool to penetrate the skin. The drooping tissue is then located and repositioned on top of the cheek bone before being secured into place with sutures. At this point in the cheek lift surgery, the incision is closed and the same process is repeated on the opposite side.

A step that is only necessary for some patients is the skin rejuvenation that provides the results of a mid-facelift. The incision is usually created near the temple where the hairline is located so that the skin can be tightened and trimmed as much as needed with minimal visible scarring. It creates a very natural looking result that also contributes to emphasizing the cheek contour. If the patient wants to increase the size of their cheek area, facial fillers or a soft implant can be placed during the procedure, as well. Additional details of the treatment will be provided during the initial consultation with your surgeon.

What You Should Ask Your Eyelid Surgeon

There are a lot of important questions that every patient should have for their surgeon before undergoing an eyelid rejuvenation. At the consultation, the doctor performs a thorough examination to ensure that surgery is truly the best solution. Someone with severe aging signs that include loose skin, wrinkles, and noticeable pouches of fat above the eyes would be an ideal patient for surgery. An individual that has only minor concerns might find that laser treatment or a chemical rejuvenation provided by our Los Angeles non surgical plastic surgery expert would be the best option.

Always make sure to ask the eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles about the treatment steps, any instructions necessary for the time leading up to surgery, the recovery process, and any side effects that you can expect. Most people feel more at ease when knowing every detail about the surgery they are receiving, so it is encouraged to openly ask any questions that arise. If you understand the common side effects, then it makes it much easier to notice any real complications that may indicate a problem. Meet with the doctor to find out more about the treatment you are interested in, and to find out if it is the best solution for your appearance.

Candidates for Cheek Lift Surgery

Any person wanting to become a candidate for a cosmetic procedure has to first have a mental and physical health evaluation by our Beverly Hills facial surgeon. Understanding the potential results and responsibilities during recovery is also very important for any patient to ensure that their treatment is safe and successful. The main parts of the consultation include an examination of the cheek area and a discussion about the medical history of the patient. As long as there is a clear indication that surgery would provide benefits and there are no real health concerns, our doctor is comfortable moving forward.

The ideal candidate has a noticeably sagging cheek, but is an overall healthy, non-smoking individual. During the treatment, our Beverly Hills cheek lift surgery expert has to create incisions inside the mouth. It is difficult to keep the area clean and to heal adequately if the patient continues to use tobacco products. Recovery is a very important part of any surgical treatment, because there are many risks associated with invasive techniques. As long as the patient is able to make lifestyle adjustments as needed and understands that they are fully responsible for their own aftercare, it is possible to become considered a good candidate for the surgery.