Side Effects of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery is a remarkably straight-forward procedure with few deviations from one case to the next. This type of rejuvenation involves entering the upper eyelid through a small incision in the natural crease. Our surgeon follows with the steps necessary to provide a noticeable rejuvenation for effective wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and contour improvement.

While the side effects of upper eyelid surgery are typically mild, some patients do find that their bruising is more severe than other patients depicted in upper eyelid surgery before and after pictures. The amount of bruising and swelling will depend on how much bleeding occurs during the procedure and the aftercare practices of the patient. Our expert in upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills recommends keeping the head elevated for the first few days in order to simply avoid increasing the pressure that can cause worsened side effects.

Pain medication and ice packs are the at-home recommended solutions when you need to alleviate the side effects of discomfort. There should be no severe or sharp pain, though. Any form of serious pain is unusual unless there is an infection developing that would require attention from a medical professional. As long as you understand the common side effects of an upper eyelid surgery, then you will be able to notice any complications that could occur during the recovery phase of treatment.


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