Can Eyelid Surgeries be Revised?

It is entirely possible to revise the original eyelid surgery that a patient has received, as long as their condition can be improved. All double eyelid surgeries can be revised if the fold did not heal as desired, but there is no way to go back to the smoothness of a single eyelid. The majority of patients find that their eyes did not heal symmetrically, leaving one less rejuvenated. Our expert in Asian eyelid revision surgery in Los Angeles may recommend undergoing an identical procedure for the one eye to provide a more attractive result.

Any individual that did not end up with the intended natural-looking crease that is used to create a divide in the upper eyelid is entitled to pursue further treatment. This typically happens if sutures were simply placed to define the line and they failed to hold it as the skin healed. Whether this happened in one or both eyes, the expert in double eyelid revision surgery in Los Angeles may suggest a more invasive solution. Creating actual scars through an incision or a series of small incisions is a result that is sure to provide the fold without any issues. The first priority is to have an examination, where we can reveal your issue and decide which treatment is best for your revision.


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