What You Should Ask Your Eyelid Surgeon

There are a lot of important questions that every patient should have for their surgeon before undergoing an eyelid rejuvenation. At the consultation, the doctor performs a thorough examination to ensure that surgery is truly the best solution. Someone with severe aging signs that include loose skin, wrinkles, and noticeable pouches of fat above the eyes would be an ideal patient for surgery. An individual that has only minor concerns might find that laser treatment or a chemical rejuvenation provided by our Los Angeles non surgical plastic surgery expert would be the best option.

Always make sure to ask the eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles about the treatment steps, any instructions necessary for the time leading up to surgery, the recovery process, and any side effects that you can expect. Most people feel more at ease when knowing every detail about the surgery they are receiving, so it is encouraged to openly ask any questions that arise. If you understand the common side effects, then it makes it much easier to notice any real complications that may indicate a problem. Meet with the doctor to find out more about the treatment you are interested in, and to find out if it is the best solution for your appearance.


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