Candidates for Cheek Lift Surgery

Any person wanting to become a candidate for a cosmetic procedure has to first have a mental and physical health evaluation by our Beverly Hills facial surgeon. Understanding the potential results and responsibilities during recovery is also very important for any patient to ensure that their treatment is safe and successful. The main parts of the consultation include an examination of the cheek area and a discussion about the medical history of the patient. As long as there is a clear indication that surgery would provide benefits and there are no real health concerns, our doctor is comfortable moving forward.

The ideal candidate has a noticeably sagging cheek, but is an overall healthy, non-smoking individual. During the treatment, our Beverly Hills cheek lift surgery expert has to create incisions inside the mouth. It is difficult to keep the area clean and to heal adequately if the patient continues to use tobacco products. Recovery is a very important part of any surgical treatment, because there are many risks associated with invasive techniques. As long as the patient is able to make lifestyle adjustments as needed and understands that they are fully responsible for their own aftercare, it is possible to become considered a good candidate for the surgery.


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