How Expensive is Double Eyelid Surgery?

The price of a double eyelid surgery cannot be determined without a personal evaluation of your current appearance. Someone with severely sagging skin or a complex issue with asymmetry is going to require more drastic steps than a more youthful individual. A patient that is eligible to receive the double suture and twisting method can avoid general anesthesia and cut down on their overall surgical cost. If it is not the right solution, though, do not make your decision based on the financial aspect and end up risking the quality of your results.

Individuals that are curious about the double eyelid surgery cost in Los Angeles should understand that the price is not negotiable. Expenses that contribute to the total cost include the prescription medications, professional appointments, anesthesia used during surgery, the fee of the doctor, and any tools used during the treatment. Some less experienced surgeons may try to lure new patients in by advertising a lower price, but it is never worth the difference. Your best solution is to work exclusively with our expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles so that you know you will be treated exceptionally. Accepting mediocre treatment provided by an inexperienced doctor is going to leave you with regrets about trying to save money.


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