Procedures to Improve Lower Face

Sagging or wrinkles in the lower region of the face can actually be improved through many different techniques. A cheek lift is one procedure that is intended to improve the mid-face, but ends up extending its benefits to the lower portion of the face, as well. If there are no issues with other areas of the face, our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert will typically recommend a lower facelift.

A lower facelift surgery targets the drooping skin and bulkiness that is located near the jawline and chin. It also improves the double chin appearance caused by skin that is sinking into the neck area. Surgery will smooth wrinkles and make a patient appear many years younger without the burden of loose skin.

Deep creases on the sides of the nose and mouth are indications that a lower facelift can be a necessary treatment to improve the appearance. The incision for this treatment is created behind the ear and near the temple so that the skin and tissue is pulled at a natural angle. This improves the definition of the jawline and smooths the excess skin that creates a heavy appearance. You can find out more about a lower facelift by meeting with the surgeon to determine if you are the right candidate.


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