What is Asian Rhinoplasty?

There are some rare plastic surgery patients that want to completely change the way their nose looks, but our expert in rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills is careful to retain the uniqueness of ethnic patients. An Asian rhinoplasty is a technique of completing minor alterations without making a dramatic change from the natural nose contour. It is suitable for a patient that is insecure about a minor deformity or that wants to tone down the size without creating a different nose entirely. If there is an issue with breathing, such as a deviated septum or disfigurement from an injury, it can be corrected without any additional changes.

Procedural steps for an Asian rhinoplasty are the same as any other nose job, starting with an incision hidden at the base to open access. Rather than remove a lot of cartilage or creating a different contour to the bridge, the expert in Asian rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills targets only the problem areas. A size decrease does not leave the patient with a generic look, but rather a smaller version of their own. Unless a person expresses an interest in creating a more westernized feature, the surgeon is always going to provide a conservative alteration with consideration for discretion.

Qualifications of a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Thinning hair, a receding hair line, and balding are common symptoms of getting older, but due to advancements in surgical technology, you do not have to accept going bald. Our Los Angeles plastic surgery expert offers a variety of techniques to restore hair growth in balding areas, and during your initial consultation, you will be able to discuss with our surgeon what you hope to gain, and we can recommend the best surgery for you.

Not every procedure will work best for everyone, so it is important to review your options with a hair transplant surgeon in Los Angeles to see if he or she is qualified in the treatment you want. Every surgery has its advantages, and some patients may not qualify for certain surgeries. Your surgeon will help you pick a surgery that is best for your needs, and we will review every step of the procedure before undertaking it.

It is important to feel comfortable with your surgeon and the surgery, so feel free to ask any questions prior to the start of treatment. Sometimes a hair transplant surgery can be completed in one appointment while others will require multiple visits. Make sure to ask your surgeon about the timeline for your treatment so that you can plan accordingly.

When is Revision Rhinoplasty Required?

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to get a rhinoplasty. Some people are unsatisfied with the shape or size of their nose, and some people have breathing problems they are looking to get corrected. No matter what the reason is, you should always get a rhinoplasty performed by an experienced professional. A poorly done nose job can end up costing you more money in the long run, and it can even obstruct an otherwise good breathing passage. If you want stellar results, talk to our expert in rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.
There are several reasons why a revision rhinoplasty would become necessary. If your initial doctor removed too much cartilage from the nose, there may have been no room to produce a suitable result. There is no reason to live with an unsatisfactory nose job. If you are unhappy with the results of a nose job, come and see our expert in revision rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills who will examine your nose and determine the best solution for you.
A revision rhinoplasty will be very similar to the first one you received. You will be given anesthesia, and incisions will be made in the nose. Our surgeon will use this opening to revision the initial work or correct any breathing problems that may have resulted from it. The total time for the revision may be longer than your first surgery because our expert does not want you coming in again for yet another rhinoplasty.

What Does a Nose Job Surgeon Do?

Our nose job surgeon in Los Angeles understands how important your nose is to your overall appearance. Your nose is a prominent feature of your face, and it can easily complement your other features or detract away from them. Many people are unsatisfied with the way their nose looks, and our expert can perform surgical or non-surgical plastic surgery in order to correct the problem.

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your nose is just the way you want it. Our surgeon is able to adjust the skin, bone, and cartilage in order to adjust the proportions, angles, shape, and size of your nose. Our surgeon will use discreet locations to make the incisions in order to reduce the risk of unsightly scars. And once the surgery is over, we will give you thorough aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of any complications.

Most patients can receive the procedure on an outpatient basis; however, some patients may need to spend the night to ensure their well-being. Your health is out priority, so we go the extra mile to make sure you are healthy and content with your appearance.

How is a Tummy Tuck Done?

If you are thinking about undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, you should discuss your options with an experienced professional before committing to anything. A tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic option, but it is an invasive surgical plastic surgery, and the decision to undertake it should not be taken lightly. You will need to undergo a thorough examination performed by our expert in tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles before beginning the operation.

First, our surgeon will need to make sure that you are in good overall health and that you are at a stable weight. A tummy tuck is not advisable if you want to lose a lot of weight or if you are planning to gain a lot of weight, as would be the case if you plan on getting pregnant. You will need to have realistic expectations about what can be gained from the surgery, and our surgeon can show you before and after photos so that you can see the results others have achieved.

In most cases, patients are provided with general anesthesia to help minimize the risk of complications. The skin of the abdomen will be lifted, revealing the abdominal muscles which are repaired and tightened. The upper abdominal skin is pulled down until it is taut, and any excess skin will be trimmed.