What is Asian Rhinoplasty?

There are some rare plastic surgery patients that want to completely change the way their nose looks, but our expert in rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills is careful to retain the uniqueness of ethnic patients. An Asian rhinoplasty is a technique of completing minor alterations without making a dramatic change from the natural nose contour. It is suitable for a patient that is insecure about a minor deformity or that wants to tone down the size without creating a different nose entirely. If there is an issue with breathing, such as a deviated septum or disfigurement from an injury, it can be corrected without any additional changes.

Procedural steps for an Asian rhinoplasty are the same as any other nose job, starting with an incision hidden at the base to open access. Rather than remove a lot of cartilage or creating a different contour to the bridge, the expert in Asian rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills targets only the problem areas. A size decrease does not leave the patient with a generic look, but rather a smaller version of their own. Unless a person expresses an interest in creating a more westernized feature, the surgeon is always going to provide a conservative alteration with consideration for discretion.


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