Neck Lift Procedures

There are several neck reshaping procedures that can be combined to help you to achieve a more youthful look in the lower part of your face and your neck. Because this is such an individual process, your Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon can help to determine which procedure or combination of procedure would be best to help you to reach your desired results.

A neck lift can involve one or more procedures that are designed to rejuvenate the appearance of your neck. A cervicoplasty is surgery that is done to remove excess skin on the neck. If you have loose, sagging skin that gives you a crepey appearance or the dreaded “turkey neck”, you may be a good candidate for cervicoplasty.

A platysmaplasty is surgery that tightens loose or sagging muscles in the neck. If you have vertical lines or horizontal bands around the neck, you may need to have slack muscles tightened. This can be combined with a cervicoplasty for a more contoured look to the neck. Liposuction may also be added to remove excess fat.

When the jowls are affected, you may also want to have a lower face lift for an additional younger look.

Purpose of Neck Lifts

There is only so much a surgeon can do with facial treatments if your real issues show evidence in the neck area. A lower facelift is going to target some of the sagging skin below the chin, but the purpose of a neck lift is to provide a major improvement. There is muscle, fat, and skin located in the neck that has the potential to age at the same rate or faster than the rest of your body. With a lack of real support in this immediate area, you might begin feeling ready for a rejuvenation as a young adult.

The expert in neck lift in Beverly Hills divides the actual treatment accordingly to provide the type of rejuvenation that is needed. Fat removal is pretty common and it is one of the goals that almost every patient discusses in their consultation. This usually occurs through a mini liposuction procedure, but the doctor might also make small incisions to remove additional fat pockets when needed. The next area that is evaluated for treatment is the muscle located in the front of the neck that might show unattractive deep creases or bands. It can be tightened and sutured into a youthful position to make it appear more appealing. The final purpose of the neck lift is to rejuvenate and eliminate the excess skin so that it no longer hangs loosely below the chin.

Benefits of Neck lifts

No exercise device or expensive serum is capable of fully tightening hanging skin and eliminating bulky fat located in the neck area. A surgical lift provides an effective and long-term improvement to the overall contour with one simple procedure. One major benefit of a neck lift is the removal of fat pockets provided by our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon. It is a very difficult area to slim, even by lowering the overall amount of fat in the body. Our technique uses liposuction on a small scale that loosens and removes cells, rather than relying on shrinking them through natural methods.

Another benefit that our Beverly Hills neck lift procedure expert strongly advises is the lifting of the muscle located in the neck. It can lower and create part of the bulkiness in the area, so it is best to have it restructured and sutured into a better position for these patients. The most beneficial part of the procedure is the skin tightening that completes the rejuvenated look, so that the patient no longer has a drooping area below their chin. Some non-invasive alternatives provide temporary results, but surgery is intended to create an appearance that the patient can be happy with for the remainder of their life.