Benefits of Neck lifts

No exercise device or expensive serum is capable of fully tightening hanging skin and eliminating bulky fat located in the neck area. A surgical lift provides an effective and long-term improvement to the overall contour with one simple procedure. One major benefit of a neck lift is the removal of fat pockets provided by our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon. It is a very difficult area to slim, even by lowering the overall amount of fat in the body. Our technique uses liposuction on a small scale that loosens and removes cells, rather than relying on shrinking them through natural methods.

Another benefit that our Beverly Hills neck lift procedure expert strongly advises is the lifting of the muscle located in the neck. It can lower and create part of the bulkiness in the area, so it is best to have it restructured and sutured into a better position for these patients. The most beneficial part of the procedure is the skin tightening that completes the rejuvenated look, so that the patient no longer has a drooping area below their chin. Some non-invasive alternatives provide temporary results, but surgery is intended to create an appearance that the patient can be happy with for the remainder of their life.


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