What Does Dysport Do?

Dysport is an injectable aid against wrinkles. Like Botox, it began as a neuromuscular treatment before being expanded as a cosmetic. Dysport is thought to last longer than Botox, and is also more diffuse, meaning it can spread to a wider area and thus require fewer injections.

Lines in skin begin in a temporary, or dynamic, state. As you age, the lines become more permanent or static. Lining is caused by muscles contracting over the years. For instance, forehead lines are caused by the glabellar muscles, which form creases when you frown. Dysport is injected directly into the forehead by our dermatologist in San Fernando Valley, and the glabellar muscles relax over the next few days.

Typically your Dysport treatment will take no longer than fifteen minutes. Results vary, but in some cases the effects last for over a year. There should be no worry about immunity or diminished effectiveness , as most patients report comparable results from treatment to treatment.

There are minimal side effects, such as headache or eye-drooping. Additionally, the broader influence of Dysport may affect other muscles besides those targeted. Our expert in Dysport in San Fernando Valley will help you make an informed decision about Dysport, and what it can do for you.

Purpose of Endotine Brow Lift

A traditional forehead lift is used to treat the entire area from the scalp to the eyebrow, causing a considerable amount of tissue trauma. Our expert in brow lift surgery in Beverly Hills warns that this type of treatment can take weeks to adequately heal from the normal side effects of swelling and soreness. Luckily, the purpose of an endotine brow lift is there to achieve the same level of rejuvenation without such an inconvenient recovery.

Our Beverly Hills endotine brow lift expert makes two minor incisions in the hairline that are basically lined up with each brow. Small instruments are then inserted under the skin to pull the sagging tissue tighter that will create a smooth, lifted result in the brow and forehead. Traditional techniques require the use of sutures to hold the tissue during the healing period, but endotine implants are a much better alternative. Each tiny implant features multiple points that securely hold the tissue in place with no risk of accidental tearing. After a few weeks, the implant actually dissolves naturally, so it never has to be removed through a revision surgery. There is much less trauma necessary to complete this type of procedure, meaning that patients get to experience the benefit of a shorter recovery.

Non Surgical Options for Improving Eyebrows

There seem to be quite a few invasive options for patients who desire a rejuvenation to their eyebrow area. Fortunately, people who would like to avoid going under the knife have alternative solutions. The liquid or chemical brow lift provides exceptional results without requiring anesthesia, lengthy recovery, or the risk of permanent over-correction. Another solution is the use of laser treatments to gradually improve the quality of facial skin in the area.

Our Beverly Hills non surgical brow lift surgery expert has perfected the technique of using injectable fillers, such as Botox, to lift the eyebrows gently. It is a less expensive way to test out the potential results of an invasive surgery without the serious commitment or financial investment.

The other treatment offered by our Beverly Hills brow lift surgery expert involves the use of a gentle laser. This solution provides a gradual improvement the more laser treatments are repeated, because it boosts collagen production and skin elasticity. There is no need for an invasive cutting, trimming, or lifting of the underlying tissue to appreciate a rejuvenated appearance. If you are interested in finding out your options for avoiding the invasive techniques of surgery, consult with our plastic surgeon.

Revision of Rhinoplasty and When It is Necessary

If the results of a rhinoplasty surgery do not turn out exactly as the patient desired, a revision is not always necessary. Having minor imperfections may not be a major annoyance when looking at the big picture of achieving a more perfect nose. Any patient interested in a nose job has to be realistic about their expectations in regards to the improvements possible through surgery.

A rhinoplasty is necessary if a patient is unable to breathe through their nose, even if it is only on one side. Unless this was an issue prior to treatment, it indicates that there is a blockage somewhere in the nasal cavity. With having a very invasive surgery that required breaking the existing bone to achieve reshaping, complications can occur if the doctor is not careful to address it. Our expert in revision rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills has also treated patients who have structural problems due to excess size reduction. The entire nose can end up collapsing unless the doctor performs a revision to add a piece of donor cartilage that will reinforce the shape. Regardless of the result of your first nose job, you may find that having a revision procedure is necessary to finally achieve the look and function you desire.

When is Upper Eyelid Revision an Option?

Poor results from an upper eyelid surgery can cause asymmetry, worsened drooping, or the inability to fully close the eyes. Revision is always an option, as long as our Beverly Hills upper eyelid surgery expert can determine that it is safe. If complications occurred due to poor aftercare, it may not be worth it to the surgeon to risk further poor results that can leave the patients with no results. The majority of problems can actually occur from complications that are out of the control of the patient or the original surgeon. Luckily, these individuals should notice great results with a revision.

A complication with asymmetry typically happens if the surgeon failed to match results at the time of treatment. The option to have a single-eye revision is a great way for our Beverly Hills upper eyelid revision surgery expert to fully correct the less rejuvenated eye. Worsened drooping after treatment is a condition referred to as ptosis of the lid, but it can be improved with another surgery after enough time as passed. The only time that a surgeon would consider the option of a revision fairly soon after is if the patient cannot close their eyes. Serious complications can result from this condition and it is important to have it corrected as soon as it is safe.

How Much Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Cost?

The average price of an Asian eyelid surgery is a factor that many patients have to consider before making the commitment. Not all surgeons are going to charge the same exact fee, and different types of Asian eyelid procedures are going to vary in cost. Any invasive techniques performed by our Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery expert will be more expensive than the non-invasive alternative. This is due to the complexity with creating incisions and the requirement for general anesthesia to comfortably perform this type of treatment.

A patient that is interested in the lowest Asian eyelid surgery cost in Beverly Hills has the option of the double suture and twist technique. One factor that lowers this cost is that it does not require general anesthesia, because it is considered non-invasive. Also, it is not as complicated to perform as either of the incision methods. Unfortunately, not all patients are considered a good candidate for this option based on certain factors. If the eyelids show significant signs of aging, the invasive techniques will provide adequate rejuvenation, along with the creation of a double eyelid crease. No matter which technique is recommended for your treatment, you should feel confident in the investment you are making with the skill of our talented surgeon.

What You Cannot Do After Double Eyelid Surgery

Our Los Angeles double eyelid procedure expert provides patients with very detailed recovery instructions to follow after their procedure. Understanding what risky behavior to avoid after your surgery is an important element in not compromising the quality of your results. Because it is non-invasive, there are generally less restrictions for a patient who has undergone a double suture and twisting surgery.

The restrictions after any invasive treatment include the avoidance of activities that are physically demanding. Anytime the body needs to heal, it requires rest and relaxation in order for progress to be made. Wounds need to stay clean and dry, so avoid swimming or any other activities that would expose your wounds to unnecessary moisture. A moist environment can promote the growth of bacteria that may lead to a dangerous infection. Cosmetics should also be avoided until the doctor decides that it is safe to use such products.

Use common sense throughout the recovery process. It is wise to ask the expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles as many questions as needed to understand your best path forward. Give your body the opportunity to heal at a time when it needs it the most, as you do not want to put yourself at any risk of compromising such an important result.

Do I Need a Double Eyelid Revision?

Patients can be faced with the necessity of a double eyelid surgery revision if their original treatment has failed. Failing can be due to the results only showing in one eyelid, or if they both simply did not have a defined crease once treated. As long as you have allowed enough time for recovery from the original surgery, there is always a chance to receive a revision surgery to ensure you with your goal results.

The most common issue with this type of surgery is that the results are not as noticeable as the patient first desired. A defined crease may not be visible if the eyelids have healed with the same flat look as before. This is a major risk in people that choose the non-invasive double suture method rather than relying on the invasive incisions. It is recommended to proceed with a Los Angeles double eyelid revision surgery that involves more reliable methods.

Some people may also need a revision, because their eyelids are no longer symmetrical as a complication of the first surgery. The crease may not be visible, one eye may sag more than usual, or there is more rejuvenation needed to achieve the best looking result. It is very important that both eyes look the same and are symmetrical, even if it requires repeating the entire process with our Los Angeles double eyelid surgery expert.

Is Eyelid Surgery for Cosmetic Purposes?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure that addresses cosmetic concerns and can address complications with vision. The majority of patients seek treatment due to the embarrassment related to their appearance. Eyelid surgery effectively rejuvenates loose skin or corrects the signs of ptosis. Sometimes these complications only exist in one eye and can create a feeling of self-consciousness in the patient.

On the other hand, a severely sagging lid can hang so low that it actually obstructs vision to a certain degree. Although it may begin as a minor complication, it can become dangerous to have limited vision when operating a vehicle or in certain professions. Regardless of the reason you want or need an eyelid surgery, our Los Angeles plastic surgery expert can easily correct the problems and eliminate complications.

One treatment that is performed usually only for cosmetic purposes is the double eyelid procedure provided to Asian patients. This specific type of cosmetic eyelid surgery in Los Angeles also offers rejuvenation if the patient is suffering from aging signs. Our surgeon offers eyelid treatments to patients that provide a way to achieve functional and cosmetic goals as desired. Start by scheduling an initial consultation to have your concerns examined, so that you can begin moving forward with the process of eyelid surgery.

Benefits of Neck lifts

No exercise device or expensive serum is capable of fully tightening hanging skin and eliminating bulky fat located in the neck area. A surgical lift provides an effective and long-term improvement to the overall contour with one simple procedure. One major benefit of a neck lift is the removal of fat pockets provided by our Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon. It is a very difficult area to slim, even by lowering the overall amount of fat in the body. Our technique uses liposuction on a small scale that loosens and removes cells, rather than relying on shrinking them through natural methods.

Another benefit that our Beverly Hills neck lift procedure expert strongly advises is the lifting of the muscle located in the neck. It can lower and create part of the bulkiness in the area, so it is best to have it restructured and sutured into a better position for these patients. The most beneficial part of the procedure is the skin tightening that completes the rejuvenated look, so that the patient no longer has a drooping area below their chin. Some non-invasive alternatives provide temporary results, but surgery is intended to create an appearance that the patient can be happy with for the remainder of their life.