Celebrities with Nose Jobs

Most celebrities that have had a great nose job do not choose to admit their treatment publicly. The goal of Beverly Hills celebrity nose jobs is to give these people a chance to look their best without having to deal with natural abnormalities. It can be difficult to take a person seriously as an influential figure if their natural beauty is shadowed by the size or shape of their nose. Sometimes the issues are only internal and bother the person suffering from improper nasal function. All of the possible issues are corrected in a discreet manner with celebrity nose jobs offered by our treatment specialist.

Actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively cannot deny that they have had a rhinoplasty surgery due to old pictures that are available. These two women are only a small sample of the talent pool that many people admire for their outer beauty. With such great improvements to their central facial feature, each of the mentioned females was able to star in major movies and television series. Otherwise, they may have fallen to the side for other talented women that happen to be more visually appealing to look at for the amount of time they are featured on screen.

Cosmetic Procedures for Improving Facial Appearance


It is very common for people that want to improve their facial appearance to turn to a cosmetic surgery specialist for help. There is a lot of potential with surgery because a skilled doctor can transform specific facial features with an exceptional technique. A very popular procedure is the rhinoplasty because it targets the nose in a way that no other solution can improve. Our expert in celebrity nose jobs in Los Angeles has treated some high profile clients to actually assist with the success of their careers. The same great treatments are available for people of all walks of life that want to commit to making a real change.

Most treatments are suitable for all types of people, aside from ethnic patients that need to be treated with certain additional considerations. Our expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles uses different techniques to create a natural looking skin fold in the eye area. This leaves the double eyelid appearance for a patient that was not born with a skin crease at all. If you really want to improve your facial appearance through surgery, it is best to let a surgeon take a look at your features for a professional recommendation of treatments.

Why to Have Eyelid Surgery

There is no real question about the effectiveness you are going to notice in regards to an upper eyelid procedure. If you wake up each day feeling overwhelmed with the level of age that is starting to show in the eyelid area, surgery is a smart way to get a lasting resolution. The right candidate will find that our Beverly Hills eyelid surgery expert has a lot more to offer than simple skin tightening. There are actually multiple steps in this specific procedure to ensure that every patient has a very natural looking and satisfying rejuvenation.

Eyelid surgery makes it possible to remove those pockets of bulging fat that tend to accumulate below the brow bone. It is not needed to retain the natural contour of the upper eyelid area, so the doctor will remove all or most of the fat during surgery. All of the tissue should be evaluated for potential lifting if it has fallen from the original position, and is now causing a look of heaviness. The reason that the specialist is so thorough is to give patients a way to feel more confident with their appearance, especially in exchange for making such a significant investment of their time and money.

Asian Eyelid Surgery Candidates

The majority of Asian eyelid surgery candidates are seeking treatment because they want to transform the definition of their lids. A candidate for this surgery would have a natural monolid that is free form a skin crease, causing some level of narrowness. Although it is not unusual for an Asian person to have a slanted contour to their eyes, it is not always best to keep their natural shape if they are severely narrow. A good candidate would have plenty of benefit from a discrete widening of the eyelid caused by the surgery.

Our Asian eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills also offers treatment to people that already have a natural double eyelid. These patients usually want a rejuvenation the same way that aging people of other ethnicities desire. A rejuvenation procedure is invasive and requires that the specialist minimize excess fat and skin. It is best to choose general anesthesia when this is done because the area is very delicate and difficult to ignore. Not only would the patient possible experience some discomfort, but they may feel uncomfortable being conscious throughout the surgery. You can find out everything you need to know about becoming an Asian eyelid surgery candidate and the various details by having a consultation.

How is Skin Cancer Treated?

Skin cancer is exceptionally common and if left untreated can easily become deadly. When a patient presents to our offices with a potential site of cancer, our skin doctors in San Fernando Valley will employ a wide range of potential treatments. The exact treatment can vary on the type of cancer, but here is a look at a couple common treatments.

Pre-Cancerous Actinic Keratosis

Approximately 58 million Americans have these lesions on their skin that, if left untreated, will likely turn into cancer. Treating this can be done with freezing the skin at that location using liquid nitrogen, or can also be treated just with topical medications. Other methods are also available.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

These forms of cancer generally require local anesthesia to treat and generally involve cutting the cancerous lesion out. The most effective treatment for these is Mohs micrographic surgery, eliminating the cancer 98 percent of the time. But there are other methods for cutting the material out using different instruments and sometimes burning the site to kill any missed cells to prevent their replication.


Treating this cancer usually begins with cutting the site out using different methods, including Mohs when combined with a special chemical stains to help illuminate the cancerous cells. If caught early enough, this treatment should be enough to stop the cancer from spreading.

To get the treatment you need, contact our expert in skin cancer treatment in San Fernando Valley for a physical and, if called for, a biopsy.

Costs of Getting a Nose Job

The investment that a rhinoplasty makes before treatment should cover absolutely every aspect of the procedure, starting from the first consultation. There are various expenses that the surgeon will include so that you are guaranteed a safe and effective improvement to your nose. Certain medications are required, such as the general anesthesia you will be placed under as the doctor is taking invasive steps in surgery. You are responsible for also compensating the skilled anesthesiologist that provides this medication.

During the surgery, the specialist will use certain tools that are considered one of the cost factors. You can find out each expense when your cosmetic surgeon is explaining the Beverly Hills nose job cost at the end of the consultation. Any other appointments that you have to attend to complete blood work and other examinations should be included as well. There really is not a smart way to cut down on some of the expenses because a reputable surgeon is going to give you a fair price for the surgery and anything that they do to assist you in achieving the desired rhinoplasty result. Make sure that your investment counts by choosing a professional that is experienced and qualified with the technique you need.

What is Mohs Surgery?

Named for Dr. Frederick Mohs, the doctor who devised it in the 1930s,Mohs micrographic surgery is now the leading cause of successful skin cancer removal. It is described among doctors as “elegant” and its uses are both simple and far-reaching. Simply, Mohs surgery eradicates cancerous tissue so completely that patients have a 98 percent cure rate.

Mohs surgery intends to isolate the last remaining cancer cell in the diseased area. This focus on thoroughness treats the cancer as having a root system, similar to a tree, a root system that filters through the various skin layers. Using this intricate technique, our expert in Mohs surgery in Tarzana is able to peel away cancerous skin layers one by one until the area is entirely free of disease.

Contrast this with standard excision, during which the doctor removes as much cancerous tissue as possible, along with a certain amount of bordering healthy tissue, in one large sweep. The negative of this method is its guesswork—the surgeon can remove only as much tissue as she can theorize is necessary.

Mohs surgery incorporates microscopic technology during the excision, allowing for its unprecedented vision into the status of the cancer.

To get the latest on Mohs micrographic surgery, contact our Tarzana dermatologists.