What Does Cheek Lift Procedure Involve?

When our cheeks start to sag due to the effects of old age, it can create heaviness below the cheeks and hollowness below the eyes. In order to correct these cosmetic issues, a cheek lift is the procedure that is used.

The cheek lift procedure is usually performed as an out-patient procedure that is done under general anesthesia. The incisions are placed in the scalp above the hairline and in the mouth above the gumline. Through these incisions, our expert in cheek lift in Los Angeles will lift the fatty tissue that is located below the cheeks onto a higher position on the cheekbones. This elevated tissue is then held in place by the use of sutures that will dissolve as the patient heals from the procedure.

Recovery generally takes 7-10 days. It may take several months for the full outcome of the procedure to be visible to the patient. In order to achieve maximum results, it is important that you follow the detailed aftercare instructions that your doctor will provide you with after the procedure.

If you think that a cheek lift might be the right procedure for your cosmetic needs, contact our expert in cheek lift procedure in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.

What You Can Expect After Common Plastic Surgeries

Recovery time can vary depending on the specific procedures, but most common plastic surgeries take several days to recover from, in the sense that the patient may resume normal daily activities. In order to fully recover and experience the intended results, though, it usually takes several months.

A cheek lift surgery usually takes around seven to ten days to recover from. The day of the procedure, it is best to have somebody drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours. The bruising and swelling that can be expected after the procedure can be lessened by using ice in the first 48 hours. It will usually take several months for the full results to be realized. It can be helpful to look at some cheek lift before and after photos online in order to better understand what a typical result looks like.

The recovery from an Asian eyelid surgery may depend on which method is used for the procedure. The incision technique usually takes about a week or two to recover from, while the suture method usually takes about half the time. As with other plastic surgeries, it can take several months for the full results to be realized with the incision technique. It is recommended that you look at Asian eyelid surgery before and after photos to get a better idea as to what you should expect after the surgery.

How is Cheek Lift Done?

The cheek lift procedure is an invasive technique that should always start with local or general anesthesia. Our facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles wants to ensure that all of our patients are completely comfortable throughout their treatment, especially when it involves working with tissue on their face. A single incision inside the mouth is created as the main access point for the lifting tool to penetrate the skin. The drooping tissue is then located and repositioned on top of the cheek bone before being secured into place with sutures. At this point in the cheek lift surgery, the incision is closed and the same process is repeated on the opposite side.

A step that is only necessary for some patients is the skin rejuvenation that provides the results of a mid-facelift. The incision is usually created near the temple where the hairline is located so that the skin can be tightened and trimmed as much as needed with minimal visible scarring. It creates a very natural looking result that also contributes to emphasizing the cheek contour. If the patient wants to increase the size of their cheek area, facial fillers or a soft implant can be placed during the procedure, as well. Additional details of the treatment will be provided during the initial consultation with your surgeon.

Candidates for Cheek Lift Surgery

Any person wanting to become a candidate for a cosmetic procedure has to first have a mental and physical health evaluation by our Beverly Hills facial surgeon. Understanding the potential results and responsibilities during recovery is also very important for any patient to ensure that their treatment is safe and successful. The main parts of the consultation include an examination of the cheek area and a discussion about the medical history of the patient. As long as there is a clear indication that surgery would provide benefits and there are no real health concerns, our doctor is comfortable moving forward.

The ideal candidate has a noticeably sagging cheek, but is an overall healthy, non-smoking individual. During the treatment, our Beverly Hills cheek lift surgery expert has to create incisions inside the mouth. It is difficult to keep the area clean and to heal adequately if the patient continues to use tobacco products. Recovery is a very important part of any surgical treatment, because there are many risks associated with invasive techniques. As long as the patient is able to make lifestyle adjustments as needed and understands that they are fully responsible for their own aftercare, it is possible to become considered a good candidate for the surgery.