What Does Cheek Lift Procedure Involve?

When our cheeks start to sag due to the effects of old age, it can create heaviness below the cheeks and hollowness below the eyes. In order to correct these cosmetic issues, a cheek lift is the procedure that is used.

The cheek lift procedure is usually performed as an out-patient procedure that is done under general anesthesia. The incisions are placed in the scalp above the hairline and in the mouth above the gumline. Through these incisions, our expert in cheek lift in Los Angeles will lift the fatty tissue that is located below the cheeks onto a higher position on the cheekbones. This elevated tissue is then held in place by the use of sutures that will dissolve as the patient heals from the procedure.

Recovery generally takes 7-10 days. It may take several months for the full outcome of the procedure to be visible to the patient. In order to achieve maximum results, it is important that you follow the detailed aftercare instructions that your doctor will provide you with after the procedure.

If you think that a cheek lift might be the right procedure for your cosmetic needs, contact our expert in cheek lift procedure in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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