How to Get Medical Loans with Bad Credit

Patients with medical problems may need treatment immediately. Medical loans bad credit prevents can create an obstacle to surgery or other care, but patients do not necessarily have to forgo the keys to recovery. Here is how to get medical loans even when credit is less than optimal.

Patients can visit our website or call us to apply for financing to be treated by the physician they choose. Depending on the time of application, we will approve or decline financing the same day or the next business day. Finally, patients can review their options and schedule treatment.

Upon receiving medical credit from us, patients may have a number of choices related to loan terms and repayment options. We design monthly payments to be affordable and do not penalize for prepayment. Interest rates are competitive, and financing options may be interest free depending on credit approval and participation of the medical provider.

Although many of our loans require the participation of the doctors involved, we will work to get providers on board if they are not presently in our network. We are flexible on appointment scheduling to make getting treatment easier. Patients can learn more about our options and the procedures we finance by calling our loan agents or visiting our website.