How are Age Spots Treated?

The first appearance of those notorious brown spots on your hands can be jarring. Even if the rest of your appearance holds up, you know your hands are a dead giveaway. Naturally, people want to start lightening their age spots right away, if not eradicate them altogether. You can treat them on your own, but for outright removal you should see an expert in treatment of age spots in Encino.

Over-the-counter treatment

There are several serums on the market, like rub-on Retinol, that can both diminish wrinkling and depress pigmentation. More eccentric options include licorice extract and kojic acid. Any medication you buy without a prescription should be combined with a quality sunscreen. If your age spots are mostly from sun exposure, you may not have the luxury of spot treatments.

In-office care

For the best defense against age spots, ask your dermatologist in Encino about chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and prescription treatments. TCA peels are great for making spots disappear on the hands, although you may need to repeat the process a few times. Our doctor also recommends intense photo light therapy(IPL), which breaks up pigment so the body can dispose of it naturally.