What Does Asian Eyelid Procedure Do?

All patients that decide to turn to our Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery expert for help have certain goals for their treatment. Not only does it widen the eye without changing the unique characteristics, but it can also fix issues with vision. A significantly narrow eyelid can make it difficult to view objects to the sides, especially when trying to operate a vehicle.

The basic purpose of the Asian eyelid surgery is to make a noticeable double eyelid fold for a patient that is born with a flat lid. A double eyelid crease is common with most other ethnicities, and only part of the Asian population does not have the natural fold. Sutures, partial incisions, or a full incision along the line where this crease would naturally appear leaves the desired indentation once healed.

Surgery performed by our expert in Asian eyelid procedure in Beverly Hills can range from non-invasive to invasive, depending on the condition of the area. Someone that has noticeably loose skin and extra bulkiness will need to have these problems addressed to create the most attractive results. In these aged patients, Asian eyelid surgery does more than just establish the separation provided by the crease. The best way to learn about the details of double eyelid surgery is by asking the surgeon questions at the consultation.


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