Squamous Skin Cancer and What You Should Know about It

Squamous skin cancer is a cancer that occurs in the top level of skin. It is brought on typically by years of sun exposure. Farmers and athletes would be high-risk groups. Obviously, areas of the skin most exposed to the sun are the danger zones, such as the face, neck, extremities, and tips of ears. Squamous skin cancer may start with something as simple as viral warts, which arise from human papillomavirus, or actinic cheilitis, also known as farmer’s lip.

Per the American Cancer Society, here are some signs to watch out for:

• Rough or scaly red patches that may or may not itch
• Pale or yellow areas that resemble scars
• Pink or red bumps that may include blue or black areas
• Persistent, non-healing sores
• Wart-like growths

Our squamous cell skin cancer doctor in Encino may want to take a biopsy if you come in with any of these symptoms. A biopsy is just a skin sample taken for further study. If there are cancer cells in the sample, the doctor will grade them in terms of likelihood of metastasis, or spreading, and their rate of difference when compared to healthy cells. Our dermatologists in Encino would then devise a treatment plan.


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