Improving Lower Facelift with Surgery

The jaw area of the face takes on the most residual skin and tissue once higher parts of the face begin to lose elasticity. Once this happens, you may lose a bit of fullness in the cheeks that end up resting in the lower region of the face. If you are noticing aging in the jaw, chin, and neck, then a lower facelift surgery might be the best solution for you. Also, for those suffering from having adequate tightness in their forehead, brows, eyes, and cheeks, this procedure is a good treatment.

Our expert in lower facelift surgery in Beverly Hills may recommend this treatment before a neck lift, because the results may tighten the area adequately. It is advised to choose the best option of a targeted facelift, because you want to keep the face looking natural as the final result. Too much tightening in areas that do not need any alternation can result in the patient hating their appearance, as well as, the possibility of needing a skin graft added during a revision surgery. All people age at different rates and the signs show up in a variety of areas. If you are considering rejuvenation, then you need to have a personal examination by our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert.


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