Recovery after Cheek Lift Surgery

The healing process and time after you have had your cheeks enhanced is going to vary depending on the technique used by our Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon. If there is adequate tissue that has started to sag, the surgery can be as simple as accessing the malar fat pad, a fat pad in the cheek, and adjusting it into the original position. It takes a few weeks for the cheeks to adjust after this surgery, but side effects are fairly minor. For a patient that wants to enhance their cheek contours greater than before, there are additional options provided by our expert in cheek lift surgery in Los Angeles.

When a liquid filler is used to inflate the contours, the recovery is a very quick and an easy adjustment. The thin needle used in the procedure may cause minor irritation in the spots penetrated, but the sore feeling and redness subsides within a few days. Our other option is the placement of a soft implant in each cheek, which does have a considerably longer recovery period. The insertion of implants is performed through the inside of the mouth so that there are no scars on the face. It can be more difficult to heal wounds inside the mouth safely because there is a considerable level of bacteria in the area. As long as the patient practices good hygiene and cleanliness, there is no reason that recovery should include a point of infection or other complications.


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