How Much Difference Does Upper Eyelid Lift Make?

The traditional upper eyelid rejuvenation can result in a very noticeable and beneficial difference. Not all patients are going to experience a life-changing improvement, but that is why our expert in upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills prefers to examine every patient prior to making a recommendation. The results are actually more noticeable when older patients undergo the procedure, because they have the most room for improvement. This does not mean that younger adults will not experience some level of rejuvenation from an upper eyelid lift as well, though.

Conditions treated by the lift involve the removal of extra skin and fat, and the rejuvenation of the remaining tissue above the eye. Some patients require correction of serious drooping in one eye that is referred to as ptosis. It can be a very noticeable and embarrassing problem for many, but it is easily corrected with an upper eyelid lift. If there is sagging in the lower lid or as high as the brow, it may be a smarter solution to undergo a different treatment to ensure effectiveness. Speak up about any specific issues that you have at the time that the doctor is performing the initial examination. This is the best way to ensure that you are provided with a treatment that is going to make a difference.


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