How Much Does Brow Lift Cost?

An angry or upset expression created by a loss of skin elasticity in the brow area is an embarrassing problem. Rarely does this issue call for a full facelift, though, because there is too much risk of over-correcting youthful areas of the face. A smarter solution is to work conservatively when improving the drooping brow area. Some techniques that our expert in brow lift surgery in Beverly Hills can perform cost less than others, but it is more important to make a decision based on its effectiveness.

Every patient is going to have certain expenses when they undergo an eyebrow lift, such as anesthesia. One way to cut down on the overall cost is to avoid all of the invasive options and look into the chemical brow lift instead. Treatment with the chemical brow lift is not complicated and most of the expenses cover the materials used. This solution is not permanent and has to be repeated every few months, though, which is going to result in additional cost.

Endotine, temporal, or direct lifts are all options that a patient has if their goal is to achieve a permanent rejuvenation. If you feel that the treatment is going to improve the quality of your life, do not let the Beverly Hills brow lift cost influence your decision.


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