What Happens if Cheek Lift Surgery is Not Successful?

No matter how skilled and technically experienced a doctor may be, there is always a risk of complications in any invasive cheek lift surgery. It is unfortunate when this rejuvenation is not successful, but issues can typically be fixed through a revision. After waiting a few weeks for the initial wounds to heal, a patient should be able to undergo another treatment safely.

Regardless of the reason that a treatment does not turn out as anticipated, our Beverly Hills cheek lift revision surgery expert has a solution. An inexperienced doctor might go overboard with the rejuvenation and cause a severely distorted result. Other individuals might feel that their cheeks are not significantly different compared to the condition before surgery. Each rejuvenation requires opening the original incision to work with the internal features of the cheek. It is possible to relax overly-corrected tissue so that it can rest in a more natural placement. Conservative rejuvenations are simply treated with more consideration for providing effective and noticeable results. If your cheek lift surgery was not as successful as you had originally expected, do not hesitate to get in-touch with our surgeon to receive the advice on the next steps that you should take.


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