Can Double Eyelid Surgery Fix My Eyes?

Most people perceive the double eyelid surgery as a treatment that is intended for cosmetic purposes. An Asian individual who has a single lid appearance might have such tight skin that they cannot fully open their eyes, though. It can be difficult to view objects to the side without turning the head, which can be a major problem when driving. Double eyelid surgery eliminates the flat piece of skin by creating a fold, either with sutures or incisions. This crease allows the eyes to fully open and make the range of vision greater than before.

A potential patient may feel that double eyelid surgery will fix problems with the way that their eyes look. The benefits of a successful treatment are easy to understand when viewing double eyelid surgery before and after photographs. Our surgeon offers three options for people that want to eliminate their natural monolid and obtain a distinct crease, ranging from non-invasive to full incisions above each eye. A younger person might not need any rejuvenation and can achieve their desired result with the placement of a few small sutures. Each procedure will be explained fully once the patient has been examined by the surgeon so that they truly understand the benefits of each method.


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