How is Asian Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Double eyelid surgery is performed in one of three different ways, depending on the results of the initial examination. Our expert in Asian eyelid surgery typically finds that patients would prefer to undergo the double suture treatment if possible. This is performed simply under local anesthesia so that the doctor can place a few small sutures without any discomfort. Since this technique is non-invasive, it is fast and easy to complete with very few steps

The Los Angeles Asian eyelid procedure expert also offers the invasive full or partial incision surgeries to those that need rejuvenation. A full incision is basically the removal of a minor piece of skin above the eye so that rejuvenation can be performed as much as needed. Excess tissue and skin are completely removed in order for the area to become more youthful while the incision area creates the desired upper eyelid fold. If partial incisions are used, then it is less traumatic to minimize the extra skin and tissue that is making the eyelid appear loose and bulky. Both of the invasive techniques do require an additional step in the beginning to administer general anesthesia or sedation. Choose a surgery that is going to provide the most benefit rather than try to get by with the simplest option.


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