Difference between Eyelid Lift and Double Eyelid Surgery

It really can be confusing to keep the types of cosmetic surgery for the eyes straight. The term eyelid lift is often used by laypersons to discuss any type of cosmetic surgery to the upper or the lower eyelids. However, there is a difference between each type of surgery and the issues that are addressed.

Lower eyelid surgery is most commonly used to remove fat from beneath the skin that results in the appearance of bags. Excess sagging skin can be removed as well, resulting in a somewhat lifted appearance.

Upper eyelid surgery is generally done to remove accumulation of fat that could hang down over the upper eyelid. Skin can be tightened as well to make you look more awake and refreshed. Both lower eyelid and upper eyelid surgeries can be used to help you to look younger and to lift sagging skin.

A double eyelid surgery is commonly called an Asian eyelid surgery. This involves the creation of a fold for an apparent separation for the upper eyelid and the skin beneath the brow. An expert in eyelid lift in Beverly Hills can discuss which options are best for you.


What is Eyelid Lift?

An upper eyelid surgery is commonly referred to as an eyelid lift. This facial plastic surgery focuses on the appearance of the skin of your upper eyelids and that beneath the eyebrows. When skin loses elasticity during aging, the tissue beneath the brows may droop down and cover part or all of the upper eyelid. It can no longer support a buildup of fat tissue that also may occur as you get older. An upper eyelid surgery may be referred to as an eyelid lift because the results provide a more lifted look that is used to correct sagging tissue beneath the eyebrows.

During the procedure, excess fat, tissue, and skin are removed. The remaining skin and tissue are pulled taut and secured to create a smoother, more youthful appearance. Any incisions from the surgery should be hidden in the creases of your upper lids. You will not longer look tired or down, but more refreshed and energized after the procedure. However, this cosmetic surgery does not reduce crow’s feet and other wrinkles around the eyes. An expert in eyelid lift in Los Angeles can discuss the results you may expect to achieve with this procedure.

What is the Purpose of Eyelid Lift?

When the skin below your brow bone loses elasticity, this may result in drooping of the skin over your upper eyelid. This can make you look tired, sad, or even angry all of the time. Additionally, if the skin droops too much over the upper eyelid, it could actually block a part of your eye and may even affect your vision. No matter the severity of your upper eyelid issue, you may wish to consult with an expert in eyelid lift in Beverly Hills to discuss what options can give you the results that you are looking for.

An eyelid lift is generally referred to as upper eyelid surgery. The cosmetic surgeon will make an incision in order to remove excess fat and tissue from beneath your skin and any extra skin as well. The remaining tissue will be pulled taut and secured. Once any bruising or swelling dissipate, you will be left with a more youthful and fresh appearance. You may also look more friendly and as if you are in a better mood. Your upper eyelid will be visible once again. An expert in eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills can help.

What is the Difference between Eyelid Surgery and Eyelid Lift?

The terms eyelid lift and eyelid surgery are often used interchangeably and refer to the same procedure that is known as blepharoplasty. This can be performed on the upper eyelid or the lower eyelid. To find out more about how this procedure can improve your appearance, it is best to speak directly with an expert in eyelid lift in Los Angeles about your situation.

However, there is a lift procedure that can alter the appearance of the eyes and may even improve the appearance of the eyelid. This procedure is called a brow lift or a forehead lift. This procedure pulls up the skin of the forehead to reduce wrinkles and frown lines in that area. Lifting of the brow may reduce pressure and thus the drooping of the upper eyelid.

There is also another type of eyelid surgery that is called a double eyelid surgery or an Asian eyelid surgery. This procedures can create the appearance of an upper eyelid where one is lacking. A Los Angeles double eyelid surgery expert is the best source of additional information and assistance if you are interested in this type of procedure.

Cost of Getting Eyelid Lift

The cost of an eyelid lift varies, often depending on personal factors that are specific to your case, the skill and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, and even the geographical location in which the surgery will be performed. However, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars just to your chosen expert in eyelid lift surgery in Beverly Hills.

You should discuss with your surgeon if all necessary appointments both before and after the procedure are included in the fee or if you will be charged individually for each visit. This will tell you the cost to your surgeon for the procedure.

However, eyelid surgery cost in Beverly Hills involves more than just your cosmetic surgeon. You will have to pay for use of the medical center where the surgery will be performed and for the anesthesiologist. There may be some tests that you will need to have prior to the procedures that may also cost an additional amount. Medical supplies used during your surgery and any medications and supplies that you will require after surgery can also raise the total cost of your eyelid lift. Plan ahead by finding out all the details beforehand.

Does an Eyelid Lift Work for Me?

A surgical upper eyelid rejuvenation is going to be far more beneficial than any alternative treatment that you find in the local pharmacy. Plenty of manufacturers claim tightening and rejuvenation through their expensive creams and gels, but any results are going to be very temporary. It is impossible to stop your skin from aging, but a surgeon is going to provide the most beneficial options for a treatment. If you commit to undergoing an eyelid lift, there is a good chance that it could provide many years of great looking skin.

The expert in eyelid lift in Los Angeles is going to evaluate every candidate for treatment to make sure that the surgery will work. There is no real harm in going through surgery to improve minor age signs, but it will not be worth the investment of your money and time. It is best to wait for surgery when you have noticeably loose skin and heavy looking tissue. You may feel that your condition is severe until the doctor give you an opportunity to compare your symptoms with other patients. If you do feel that you are ready to experience the benefits of surgery, visit the expert in eyelid lift.