How Expensive is Eyelid Surgery?

As with most types of cosmetic surgery, eyelid surgery is seen as an elective procedure rather than as a medical necessity. This means that most medical insurance carriers will not cover the costs of this surgery, so you will have to pay out of your own pocket. How much you pay can depend on many factors including the skill and experience of the surgeon, the use of the operating facility, the cost of the anesthesiologist, the geographical area where the surgery will take place, and any testing, supplies, or medications.

Eyelid surgery cost is generally around $2,500 to $3,000, but this amount can be much more depending on the surgeon and how much work needs to be done in your case. Your Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon may be willing to combine procedures, such as for both the upper and lower eyelids, which can save you money and recovery time in the long run.

Whether the cost of eyelid surgery is expensive or not is really relative to your own financial situation. If you have several thousand dollars in savings or in available credit, this procedure may not seem to be very expensive at all.


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