Different Types of Facelifts

Plenty of great options are available for potential facelift patients that desire improving the appearance of their skin, including surgical alternatives. The reason that non-surgical treatments are becoming more common is the similarity of results when compared to invasive techniques. Our expert in non-surgical facelifts in Beverly Hills must evaluate a patient to decide the exact procedures available for their treatment. Chemical peels and laser sessions do not provide instant results, but they can result in a more youthful appearance. The expert in liquid facelift in Beverly Hills may suggest using hyaluronic acid and Botox products to create the look of rejuvenation without any wait or downtime.

Surgical facelifts are necessary if the individual wants to make a permanent change, especially if they have a lot of wrinkles and excess skin. Instead of requiring that each patient endure a full facelift, our specialist prefers to work only where the rejuvenation is needed. This prevents accidental over-correction if youthful areas are tightened because it can lead to major distortion. Our surgeon is going to explain every type of facelift treatment after examining your face to make it easier to decide which of the options is the best for your specific case.

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