Candidates for Ear Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for the ears, which is known as otoplasty, is a very common procedure that is used for both children and adults to improve the appearance of the ears. Whether due to a congenital abnormality or because of an injury or an illness, your ears may be too large, uneven, or protruding further than you would like. A Beverly Hills ear surgeon can be a great source of advice and information on what changes you can achieve with otoplasty.

A good candidate for ear surgery will be healthy, both physically and mentally. Your ear cartilage should be developed enough to handle the alterations, which typically occurs by the age of five. You should have realistic expectations for the results with any cosmetic surgery.

An otoplasty can be performed on adults and children. As an adult, you should be happy with the rest of your appearance overall. If you are getting surgery for your child, there should be an obvious problem that you wish to alleviate to avoid the potential negative impact that could affect a child’s self confidence and esteem. Choose a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure for the best appearance possible.

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