Types of Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

As the central feature of your face, your nose can affect your overall appearance. Size, shape, and symmetry all play a role in how you look to yourself and to others. In the past, surgery was required to make changes to your nose, even if these were only slight alterations. Today, with the latest advances, you can alter the appearance of your nose with non surgical options. A facial plastic surgeon can discuss your options with you.

A Beverly Hills non surgical rhinoplasty expert can use injections to add volume to small, precise locations on and around your nose. Dermal fillers, fat, or other materials may be injected to fill in dips or dimples, create lift, or add fullness. This can help to smooth out humps and bumps or change the look of the tip of your nose.

A cosmetic surgeon will typically charge per syringe, and typically only one or two are needed for a non surgical nose job. Results will last many months and sometimes more than a year depending on the filler used. There is little to no bruising or swelling, making the results visible almost immediately with no need for downtime.


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