Myths about Nose Jobs


It can be shocking for a patient to learn that some things they believed about nose jobs are actually far from the truth. One common myth that our Los Angeles celebrity nose job doctor hears often is that only women go through this treatment. Plenty of men are interested in the same benefits of the surgery, like physical beautification and improved breathing function. Another myth is that patients choosing the benefits of rhinoplasty are very vain, but a majority of these individuals are actually very self-conscious about the appearance of their nose. Regardless of the reason, it is important that the person truly understands the benefits that they can get through the treatment that is offered.

The myth that a nose job will be very expensive and not eligible for insurance coverage is not necessarily true. It really depends on the condition that the patient wants to address through plastic surgery because there are health issues related to the structure of the nose. A septum that is bent or broken can cause frequent nosebleeds, sharp pain, and difficulty breathing through the nose alone. If a regular doctor can refer their patient to a cosmetic surgeon, there is a chance that the rhinoplasty costs in Los Angeles will be partially or fully covered by insurance.


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